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  • With COVID-19, I was working from home without an ergonometric office setup- i.e. I was working from a hard barstool hunched over a laptop for months. I began noticing a constant pain in my shoulder and tingles down my arm. LoHi Chiropractic quickly diagnosed my issue and explained my treatment plan in simple terms. We are working to improve my work posture. In less than one month the pain has gone away and I am feeling much healthier!

  • First arrived with loss of motion in my upper back and neck. After a month of treatment I have seen significant improvement! Thank you, Thank you!

  • After my accident I came in with some serious pain in my neck and shoulders. Dr. Wozniak quickly diagnosed my condition and began treatment right away! After just one month, I feel like my back has been rejuvenated and the muscle, nerve and stress tests already show that I’ve improved by 50%! All thanks goes to the team at LoHi Chiropractic- Keep up the great work!

  • When I first acme to LoHi I was in aching pain, tight and lazy. Now that I’ve been attending consistent sessions, I feel wonderful! I’m back to being active and feel as though I have a new sense of energy sometimes.

  • After about a month of treatment, spine, back and joints feel much better. Almost immediate results about Dr. Woz is well versed and does an excellent job with care!

  • Check-up scan and debrief was very helpful- Thank you!

  • I can’t tell you what a relief it is to feel my back pain going away. After coming in for what I thought would be a quick fix, I was shocked at the state of my spine. Thrilled to have this team guiding me back to health!

    -Christa M.
  • Everyone is amazing and friendly. I appreciate all the staff. :)

    -Candance K.
  • I have had awful motion sickness my whole life. I’ve gone to eye/ear doctors, acupuncture, etc. and nothing has ever helped. Dr. Woz was confident she could help with this (I was not, I was convinced it was never going to get better.) But lately, I’ve been traveling and not feeling sick, I even read a book on my last plane ride! Thank you Dr.

    -Colbi D.
  • I’ve been seeing Chiropractors for over 10 years due to a freak accident that happened in my teens. A fall while skiing coupled with everyday life reignited the pain and lack of mobility in my neck due to subluxations. Thanks to Dr. Woz and her team, I am no longer in pain everyday and can move freely.

  • I’m sleeping better. Shoulder not popping at all. Wrist hasn’t flared up. Less headaches.

  • I’ve been in extreme pain for years, I’ve always had back issues since childhood. After 1 month I feel substantially better and looking forward to more progress in the future!

  • In the month of getting adjusted, I’ve noticed sleeping is easier. I don’t have to take an Advil before bed and I wake up less.

  • Every time I come to the office I come to the office I am greeted by a friendly face at the front desk. This continued throughout the appointment with Dr. Woz and the rest of the staff. I highly recommend LoHi Chiropractic 5 stars!

  • Pregnancy is tough, even when it’s going well. Having regular appointments with Dr. Wozniak has helped keep my aches and pain at bay and helped me to be able to get more sleep, which is HUGE! I can’t recommend her enough!

  • I love Dr. Woz, she is knowledgeable and helpful! Service has been great as well

  • The first month has been amazing, half way through my treatment. The lower back pain minimized and overall felt better. I’m excited to see how my body reacts to any future treatment. Big thanks to the group.. You all make a great team!

    -Ernesto M.
  • I love this place and I’ll come here, tell you not. The whole staff is so amazing, I love everyone and the feel of the office. Out of the 20 years of dealing with my pain, I finally feel like someone cares.

  • I came in with skepticism after visiting other chiropractors that just started cracking. But getting X-rays and scans it felt much more like intentional movements with long term care in mind

  • Seven years ago I blew out a disc needing surgery. A little over a year ago those symptoms were coming back. Without surgery and only with chiropractic care, my symptoms are gone and my back rarely hurts

  • Very little numbness in hands now, no longer have the numbness in my legs and feet. Have so much more energy than before.

  • I appreciate the care and attention, I feel welcome and heard at each visit and value the routine and the change I’ve felt and seen as a result. Thank you!

  • I’m already starting to feel better, even after just 1 month!

  • Overall experience has been great!

    -Shawn H.
  • Coming in, one of my biggest concerns was a sharp pain in my lower back/ tailbone, besides from helping to relieve this, LoHi has also made the science behind chiropractic much more clear to me! I feel like I know so much more about my own body.

  • I am so excited I’ve found a place that feels so supportive in my healing journey! I know you ladies align so well with my desire for holistic health and wellness. Thank you for how good I am feeling already!

  • Haven’t had a migraine in a month and that’s a victory in itself! I love the staff, they know me and I love talking to everyone and feel so welcome.

  • Overall feel more balanced and my sleep has continued to be way better than when I started. My back doesn’t feel as stiff all the time anymore and my ankle feels looser and more stable.

    -Khalil S.
  • After one month my posture has improved and I am no longer icing my knee every night!

  • Dr. Wozniak is a fantastic person and has saved my back. I was in pain for years, could not figure out why. I’ve been coming here for over a year and I’m healing beautifully and am able to carry on activities without pain.

    -Melissa B.
  • After years of chronic but varied back pain I decided to commit to chiropractic care and I am so glad I did . Just after 1 month I have been able to get back to the gym with much less pain and the daily/sedentary pain has dramatically improved. I am excited to see where the next 6 months go and just wish I had done this earlier!

  • I am now able to keep up with my physically demanding job and lifestyle, without skipping a beat. I also received extra care for my shoulder in the process, which drastically improved. Michelle is always happy to help with any concerns.

  • When I first came in 10 months ago, I had constant back pain that I thought was normal. Now, I rarely notice any pain! Everyone here is so nice and helpful! :)

  • Significant reduction in discomfort over the first month of treatment, looking forward to further improvement. Every member of the staff is lovely and I will recommend this clinic moving forward when given the opportunity. The text message reminder are a game-changer.

    -Robert G.
  • The way my body feels and moves after a 6 month program is night and day. Overall range of motion has increased, I’m stronger in the gym and overall feel more athletic. A million thanks to Dr. Woz and the team!

    -Clayton P.
  • Dr. Woz has done amazing work and my hip pain is gone! Brittney is so kind and genuine and her daughter is an incredible human. Leo is so easy to talk to, a phenomenal resident! Ans Megan always greets me with a smile and brightens my day.

    -Maia B.
  • When I first came in for y initial consult/ xrays, I was in so much pain and discomfort. I have enjoyed learning and focusing on stretches and the adjustments have definitely taken pressure off of nerves in my back. With my progress report, I am happy to visually see the progress in nerve, muscle and stress scans. Looking forward to continued improvement.

  • Before I was seeing Dr. Woz and her team regularly, I had extreme lower back tightness as well as muscle spasms and leg pain. After completing my treatment program, I have noticed a tremendous transformation in the quality of my every day” and functionality of my back, hips, and legs. This transformation has allowed me to return to my favorite activities such as hiking and skiing regularly!

  • Less Headaches a Month

  • Adjustments and cupping have been tremendously helpful for me to feel healthy! You guys have been giving me wonderful care, thank you!!

    -Lindsay S.

About 10 months ago I suffered from constant headaches, muscle tension and fatigue – now I hardly ever deal with those symptoms. I feel great everyday because of the care and treatments I received from Dr. Woz. Plus, everyone in the office is so friendly and welcoming. They all want you to be happy and healthy!

– Jacee J.

I appreciate the combo treatment with adjustments. Got cupping in upper back last week that truly relieved my pain and tension. – Emily F.

I went from very frequent muscle pain in the upper back and neck along with almost daily headaches, to feeling the best I have in years. I have decreased fatigue and overall improved wellness. Thank You!

– Tricia C.

When I walked into this office, I could barely move my neck. While I still have issues with my upper back/neck, I can tell it’s improved quite a bit. I feel a lot less pressure in my mid-back and feel like my lower back hurts a lot less than it used to.

– Rachel R.

Came here when my body was screaming for help after long intensive work and travels. Realizing I couldn’t give it the adjustments it needed to let go of bad energy. Dr. Woz and her team helped by opening up my blockages to allow my body to heal and re-align. Problems are developed over time, so give yourself the time it takes to heal! Thank you!

– Zarah

After a lifetime of unidentifiable pain, and getting chiropractic care since 16, Dr. Woz was the first professional to offer an actual diagnosis, explain it plainly so I could understand and offer a treatment plan with goals attached to dates. LoHi has given me access to healing my body and that education has altered my health for the positive.

– Nicole D.

I have struggled with chronic neck and jaw pain for 7 years receiving adjustments and massages here and there. My quality of life has changed drastically since coming to see Dr. Woz. Through her thorough care we discovered the exact source of my pain and together developed a treatment plant that has me coming in weekly. Excited for my chiropractic appointments once again! Dr. Woz has empowered me with answers to questions I’ve had about my body for nearly a decade! I feel confident that a year from now i’ll be pain free! Thank you Dr. Woz and the amazing staff at LoHi Chiropractic.

– Torrey

When I started coming in, I had the worst upper back and neck tightness. I had to turn my whole body to check my blind spot in my car because the pain in my neck was so bad. The neck pain/tightness has completely gone away, my scoliosis is fixed, and I look forward to continuing to get treatment once a month.

– Bethany Y.

When I started coming in, I had the worst upper back and neck tightness. I had to turn my whole body to check my blind spot in my car because the pain in my neck was so bad. The neck pain/tightness has completely gone away, my scoliosis is fixed, and I look forward to continuing to get treatment once a month.

– Ben K.

I was injured in auto collision in June of 2019. I came in with severe left side neck and back pain. Throughout the intense treatment regimen, I started to feel better as time went on even though I had doubts at first. Almost 5 months later through the excellent care and treatment I received I have minimal pain and feel almost as good as new! This place shows that they are passionate about their work!

– Sakisha S.

I have been extremely happy and impressed with my progress so far. I had recently given up on chiropractic care until coming here. I was in constant pain, affecting my person/business life. Very pleased with my care so far. Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks!

– Ryan W.

When I started in April, my lower back issue was causing problems in my hip flexor on one side. After my treatment, my back is holding the adjustments so that I am confident I can maintain wellness with once a month treatment. My hip issues are gone :) I am able to be active without pain during or after :) Very happy with treatment results.

– Julia H.

Wow, I’m able to focus on my posture. Before, I’d think about it for a couple of minutes and not for long periods of time. Now it is in my head all day long.

– Gonalo F.

When I first walked into this office I could barely move. My back was so twisted and spasmed I couldn’t even touch my toes without pain, and I’m a professional athlete. They took the time to sit down with me and truly listen to my health concerns and my history. The full assessment and breakdown of the care I would need in the short time I had felt honest and explained well, as opposed to a lot of people out there trying to take advantage of someone vulnerable financially. Everyone in the office was so kind and caring and the chiropractic adjustments really made a difference every time I came in. I came in about 12 times in a month and a half and feel more mobility and comfort in my spine and joints than I have in years. The schedule/plan set up for me was spot on to get me in the best shape possible for my next professional skating job. Thank you to the whole team for being so attentive and talented to help me high-kick and shimmy my way to Germany!

– Caroline M.

Before starting services here I was getting intense headaches almost every day. Through the services provided I hardly ever get headaches now and feel overall better and happier physically and mentally.

– Jacee J.

Before I started here I was having daily migraines, neck and back pain, and taking Excedrin/ibuprofen daily. Now I maybe have a migraine once every two to three weeks. I’m not missing classes or skipping out on fun things with my friends! I experience significantly less pain and I’m free to live my life again. I can’t thank Dr. Wozniak enough!

– Hannah S.

LoHi Chiropractic has fixed me. THANK YOU a million times. Five months ago I came in from a car accident in the worst pain of my life. I was scared about treatment at first, because I already was in enough pain, but after two months I could not wait to get to my appointments because I was starting to feel better. Physical Therapy was brutal but MUCH NEEDED! Month five today and I feel GREAT! THANK YOU LoHi Chiropractic.

– Kristie C.

Four weeks ago I was in a lot of discomfort. After four weeks of being treated three times a week, the pain has reduced and has given my neck a better range of movement, my back feels “balanced” and no pain. I sleep better and I don’t feel stressed by the discomfort I had.

– Jill C.

I have noticed a positive change in my daily energy, and ability to maintain my health without strenuous amounts of work. I’m finally in the final steps of processing into the Air Force Reserve and getting closer to my goal of running a half (or full) marathon in March 2020! I always look forward to my chiropractic appointment visits and I love how much better I’m feeling already when I thought I felt good before! A little improvement makes a world of difference.

– Shelby P.

The Number one goal is for us to feel better. I was treated like family here and would recommend it to anyone. We had a goal and we accomplished it together.

– Carlos S.

Not going to lie, I came in super skeptical about the whole chiropractic process but all of you have proven me other wise! My low back was wonky but the way you all are so diligent and take the time to explain everything in detail has helped me gain a better understanding on what it takes to continue to improve those issues.

– Alondra.

Came in with constant pain in shoulder, tightness etc. And even pain in my left hip and after only 4 weeks I feel 1,000% better! So glad I found this place, They were able to give me answers where every other chiropractic place I have gone has only adjusted me and sent me on my way. Now I’m on my way to fixing my scoliosis and feeling better than ever!

– Briana

Lohi Chiropractic has helped to significantly reduce my upper neck an lower back pain while easily explaining the reasoning behind everything. I never have questions about why something is happening because of how thoroughly they explain treatment procedures

– Jaymee

I have been to several chiropractors over the years. A car accident led me to Dr. Woz and her team, and I honestly feel like I won the lottery! They are all professional, caring, and a smart bunch! Any questions I have had during my treatment has been answered with care, compassion, and amazing detail. Thank you Dr. Woz and team!

– Kirsten

I have been treated by LoHi for approximately three months. The staff and doctor are exceptional. I received an update or my reports today, I am pleased with the results. I would highly recommend them because their staff is wonderful and the doctor truly shows that she cares.
– Brandie M.