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LoHi Chiropractic Reviews

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of LoHi Chiropractic patient testimonials below. Please, contact us if you have any questions. Our friendly staff is happy to help!


  • After a year of chiropractic care, I’ve had less shoulder and neck- almost no discomfort in the moring. Everything has been taken good care of. Thanks again!

    -Jeanne M.
  • I have never felt better! My first visit was in late December caused by an injury at the gym. I actually looked forward to my treatments even more. Awesome Staff who make me feel right at home. Thank you!

    -Jason S.
  • Each visit feels more engaged and like I am reaching my chiropractic goals. I feel like I can be honest with the doctors and staff and I know I am getting the best service.

    -Geneva C.
  • I knew at my first visit how professionally ran this practice is!! After my FIRST adjustment and feeling better I also found a fantastic clinical TEAM.

    -Elaine R.
  • After 4 weeks of care I don’t get anymore headaches- Yay! My ongoing back pain has also decreased a bit

    -Kalliopi K.
  • I went from not being able to sit in a movie theater or airplane without a lot of pain, to being able to travel and enjoy movies again!

    -Christina G.
  • I no longer go into work feeling like I depend on moments where I can sit down because I can stand the whole time relatively comfortable now. I can really feel the difference with my lower back pain and my posture

    -Walden G.
  • I’ve had Shoulder pain the last 14-15 years of my life, occurring 60-75% of the time. One cycle of treatment here and there’s significant improvement.

    -Hunter S.
  • Great care I feel 90% better. I could hardly walk when I came in the first time and just getting out of bed was excruciating.

    -Frank B.
  • I have Relief in my left shoulder/trap area since the beginning of treatment. It still isn’t 100% but i can centainly feel the changes happening!

    -Rex T.
  • Dr. Woz is so educational. She presents the care plan so thoroughly showing where I’ve been, where at currently and expectation with continued care. Her staff, both Megan’s are patient and kind and super attentive. Highly recommend LoHi!

    -Corrine J.
  • Over the last 12 months my pain decreased and went away completely. I am very happy with the overall service. I love the quick appointment setup of the office as well.

    -Dan J.
  • Only 2/3rds of the way there and I am already symptom free. Feeling 100% better and back to feeling great and so happy I decided to come in to see LoHi Chiropractic. I have no complaints about my experience thus far!

    -Amanda S.
  • I came in with a severe limp and now I am getting my normal gait back! I have barely any joint pain and when I first came in every joint on my right side hurt constantly. I am very grateful for the staff here at LoHi.

    -Rachel L.
  • Dr. Woz is so educational. She presents the care plan so thoroughly showing where I’ve been, where at currently and expectation with continued care. Her staff, both Megan and Meghan are patient and kind and super attentive. Highly recommend LoHi!

    -Deborah L.
  • I have Improvement of my lower back/oblique injury since coming here for chiro treatment. There is a great staff and medical treatment!

  • It’s been night and day since my first visit. The staff have helped me so much through my recovery. I don’t have headaches anymore and I am able to sleep 100 times better. I am able to do the things I couldn’t after my accident. I am forever thankful for treatment I’ve received from everybody. Thank you!

  • It’s been nice to have been playing more tennis the last two months but feeling less pain than I typically do in my shoulder and back. I attribute this to the treatments from Dr. Woz and her team.

    -Tommy O.
  • I feel much better after few weeks and will continue chiro care for the foreseeable future.

  • Ever since coming here I have felt so much better and very taken care of! Staff has been nothing but friendly and extremely helpful!

  • Everyone has been super friendly and understanding with me this year- which has been the worst ever! LOL

    -Rachel G.
  • My service has been great and Dr. Woz and her team all give excellent care. They fit me in at times that work on my schedule. It is affordable and most importantly I feel amazing after just a couple months of care! Will continue to come back for a long time.

    -Dallas C.
  • Having a great response to treatment and feeling taller! It’s great to be aware of my posture and my neck pain from my whiplash injury because it is disappearing.

    -Mike S.
  • I started coming to this office 4 months ago and I have been so beyond happy with this amazing staff. Dr. Woz dove right into addressing my agitated back as i was losing feeling in my hands, arms, and feet. Fast forward to now and my body feels amazing, I am able o move and live again. Thank you Dr. Woz, you and your great staff work wonders.

    -Patrick B.
  • Since starting my stress and overall neck health has improved. There have been 0 neck immobile situations. Excited for more treatment.

    -Mason G.
  • My experience at LoHi Chiropractic was so great. The staff is always so friendly. I love how they not only offer chiropractic care, but also muscle stem, cupping, etc. to address other broad treatment types. I feel SO much better and am so thankful to be pain free after my treatment!

    -Carli F.
  • I went from constantly in pain to feeling great again

    -James S.
  • Services are quick and easy and very minimal waiting around! Everyone here is very kind, Thank You! I’m experiencing less headaches and overall stress!

    -Emily P.
  • My neck feels amazing and my back is improving every day.

    -Jenna F.
  • I was initially skeptical of chiropractic services, but after several months of lower back pain associated with prior injuries/surgeries I consulted LoHi and am very pleased with my progress. My initial assessment identified loss and reversal of CX curve which has been remedied with spinal decompression and probe therapy. I now have no back pain and improved flexibility. The staff is professional and courtious.

    -Bud O.
  • When I first arrived, I was in extreme pain and could hardly even put on my shoes. I am very impressed with the level of progression that I have reached in a short amount of time. I appreciate the level of involvement by the staff and enjoy coming in for each treatment.

    -Carlos V.
  • I Wake up with little to no neck pain. I really enjoy the stim therapy and the physical therapy exercises.

    -Nicole G.

Watch Melissa’s Video Testimonial about LoHi Chiropractic

I have noticeable change for the good in my pain level. The care here is not like any other chiropractor that I have seen in the last 30 years. Dr. Woz uses techniques and treatments I have not been introduced to as well. The staff is very courteous and good at what they do. Just a great team! I also like that there is only 1 doctor, and she knows her stuff!

– Eric

My typical day before getting adjusted was to wake up exhausted and do my best to make it through the day. After seeing Dr. Woz for 30 days I already feel renewed and better able to handle my day. I’ve started working out again after years of being too tired to. I’ve also found it much easier to regiment my days because I have the energy to complete all of my to-do’s. Dr. Woz is a miracle worker!!! I would recommend to EVERYONE!

– Andrea

A month of 3x a week treatments and I noticed immediate results and discomforts are fading. Sleeping has been better, daily life, and back and neck troubles have eased. Better performance in the gym. Just overall feeling so much better, more energy and fewer aches and pains. What a turn around! Thank you!


Overall I have enjoyed all aspects of my time here at LoHi. The examinations along with the explanations of my back issues have been awesome and educational. The entire staff has made me coming in a great time!


I came in with extreme back pain and nonstop headaches. I wasn’t sure what the problem was or what solution I needed. I’m so glad I came here. After learning about what my spine needs and regular adjustments, my pain has reduced dramatically and my headaches are no more. I’m just happy I can sit in a car or work chair for hours without constant pain.


As a child, I had a left knee scope due to increased tissue. Since then, I have had moderate to severe Back, Hip, and Knee pain that I thought I would have to live with forever. Dr. Woz does a complete and thorough scan/ background prior to care and because of this, she delivers the most tailored and individualized treatment plan. I feel better than I have in years after receiving care from her and her great staff.


Came here when my body was screaming for help after long intensive work and travels. Realizing I couldn’t give it the adjustments it needed to let go of bad energy. Dr. Woz and her team helped by opening up my blockages to allow my body to heal and re-align. Problems are developed over time, so give yourself the time it takes to heal! Thank you!

– Zarah

After a lifetime of unidentifiable pain, and getting chiropractic care since 16, Dr. Woz was the first professional to offer an actual diagnosis, explain it plainly so I could understand and offer a treatment plan with goals attached to dates. LoHi has given me access to healing my body and that education has altered my health for the positive.

– Nicole D.

I have struggled with chronic neck and jaw pain for 7 years receiving adjustments and massages here and there. My quality of life has changed drastically since coming to see Dr. Woz. Through her thorough care we discovered the exact source of my pain and together developed a treatment plant that has me coming in weekly. Excited for my chiropractic appointments once again! Dr. Woz has empowered me with answers to questions I’ve had about my body for nearly a decade! I feel confident that a year from now i’ll be pain free! Thank you Dr. Woz and the amazing staff at LoHi Chiropractic.

– Torrey

When I started coming in, I had the worst upper back and neck tightness. I had to turn my whole body to check my blind spot in my car because the pain in my neck was so bad. The neck pain/tightness has completely gone away, my scoliosis is fixed, and I look forward to continuing to get treatment once a month.

– Bethany Y.

My overall major pain has gone away. My neck is completely free of pain. I’ve definitely noticed my back feels so much better. It’s been so great to find a place that will fix the actual problem. Medication has always been the one thing pushed but it never solved what was going on. This place has been one of the best choices for my health. Thank you!

– Rebecca C.