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LoHi Chiropractic Reviews

  • I am excited about getting help. The whole office is clean and Michelle is very compassionate. She is one of the sweetest and most caring person I have met. I am happy I was referred.

    -Kalya A.
  • Not having back pain!

  • Everybody is extremely friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable. Great staff and Dr. Wozniak is fantastic!

  • Truly one of the best massages I’ve ever experienced. Came in with a headache and somehow Shantee pinpointed it, and suddenly my whole head and sinuses felt clear! Incredible!

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the visit and look forward to working with Dr. Wozniak going forward.

    -Len M.
  • Dr. Woz is amazing. I feel awesome after every adjustment. Invest in your health!

  • Couldn’t have asked for a better experience or results.

    -Amanda R.
  • The staff is incredibly helpful, will always work with your schedule for your care and will always assist with pre-existing and new conditions.

  • My lower back feels much more stable and there is obvious steady improvement.

    -Alex H.
  • I came in with 6 weeks of constant pain. Adjustments and chiropractic care have made a huge difference. I am so excited to finally have some relief.

  • I’ve been to many chiropractors, but this is much different – much more holistic. I think I’m going to like it!

    -Carolyn F.
  • Though you were short-staffed today, I truly appreciate you making me feel like I was the only one in the office. Thank you for taking the time to address my concerns!

    -Sally H.
  • I am looking forward to my future treatments. I feel very confident that I found the right professional to treat my neck and back problems.

    -Marcel B.
  • The care I received was excellent. I would recommend Dr. Wozniak and LoHi Chiropractic to anyone wanting to improve their health and heal their ailments.

    -Terry W.
  • I could barely bend over a month ago–now I’m back in the gym and stepping back up! Next is improved flexibility.

    -Laurel F.
  • My boys and I were in a car accident. Even though Dr. Woz was extremely busy, she still saw us immediately and treated us like we were her only patients.

    -Amy F.
  • Very excited to get started! Dr. Wozniak made me feel like my issues were real and heard, and that there are actual fixes for my pain and discomfort.

    -Christine C.
  • Dr. Wozniak was very nice. I have never been to a chiropractor before and was very skeptical, but upon talking with her I was comfortable right away.

    -Rosa H.
  • I love feeling better and better each time I come in.

  • I look forward to the relief every week! I leave feeling ready to take on the week ahead!

  • Love the friendly staff! 

    - Anonymous
  • You’re an amazing Doctor and I can’t wait to be treated by you and your staff. Dr. Michelle thank you again!!!!

    -Ellis J.
  • Dr Wozniak is always pleasant and does a great job. I highly recommend this office to all of my friends and anyone else looking for excellent chiropractic care.

    -Carolyn R.
  • I’ve loved the energy I’ve had since starting!

  • The LoHi Chiropractic Group is amazing. They have made the journey of recovery very enjoyable. I feel better each trip to the office and I enjoy my time here. This is rare in this line of work! 

  • This was a unique and unexpectedly thorough experience! Thank you!

    -Staci S.
  • The whole staff is amazing.

  • This is a great place to go. Dr. Wozniak is the best!!

    -Catherine E.

Severe Upper Shoulder Pain

I came in to see Dr. Wozniak because I had severe pain in my upper shoulder area. After she received my x-rays and scans with me, I saw the problem was that my neck vertebrae was leaning to the left and causing nerve impingement’s on four nerves. At this discovery, I was immediately fearful that I did permanent damage and would have some sort of pain the rest of my life. I was quickly assured that I would be out of immediate pain within two weeks and can be back to normal and more on a preventative maintenance within only 6 months. I was so relieved! I have now seen Dr. Wozniak for 2 weeks and am feeling so much better. I am no longer constantly putting icy hot on or hot/cold packs on all day long and could move my neck freely again. I still have some pain, but compared to two weeks ago, it’s just a minor ache and I have no doubt I will be back to my normal self in a month or so. I am so thankful to have found such a comprehensive, thorough chiropractor. I have seen other chiropractors in the past and none of them took an x-ray or talked to me about the stem root of my problem and discussed the importance of being proactive and preventative, so I’m very thankful to have found Dr. Wozniak.

-Kimberly N.

Decreased Pain Significantly

I have had back pain my whole life and have visited many chiropractors to manage it. Dr. Woz was the first to diagnose my scoliosis and create a comprehensive treatment plan. My nearly weekly pain flare-ups have decreased to just one in two months and I am excited to see that it goes down to never.

-Emily L.

Thorough and Knowledgeable

Everyone was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. I’m hopeful that I will receive accurate information about the core problem of my pain and then hopefully receive the proper treatment to cure my pain.

-Kirsten S.

Visits Helped in Many Ways

As an athlete, physical wellness is super important to me. Those visits have helped me in so many great ways. But I believe the best thing is it has helped me do what I love, which is studying Ballet.

-Devon W.

Thanks LoHi Chiropractic!

I’m only 23 years old but had already been having back pain for 8 years. I always assumed it was just something I would have to deal with my whole life, but when it started impacting my job and hobbies I finally came into the chiropractor. Dr. Wozniak helped me pinpoint the actual structural problem I was having, designed a comprehensive treatment plan, and within a few weeks the pain was virtually non-existent.

-Mattie T.

I am no longer shouting “when is this over” pain

I came in with tension in my lower back and previous back spasms. Both have went away and back pain only comes when doing activity for long periods of time, however it is only tightness as expected. I am no longer shouting “when is this over” pain.

-Tunde A.

I’m so excited that I decided to try chiropractic care

I have been experiencing pain for about two years and was sick and tired of doctors writing me pain medications. Dr. Woz and her team welcomed me with open arms, educated me and have me on track for long term success and I’m becoming symptom free. I’m 30 days into my care plan and can already feel an exponentially improvement to my health and back pain.

-Amanda L.

Simply the Greatest

Dr. Wozniak is simply the greatest. As someone that has been in constant, excruciating pain with daily headaches for 10 years not I can’t explain in words how much my quality of life has improved after only 30 days thanks to Dr. Wozniak. I have more energy and get to actually really enjoy all the physical activities Colorado has to offer. I’m excited to continue my journey to being 100% healthy, and am so thankful for ALL the help I get at LoHi Chiropractic.


Very Excited About What’s to Come

Amazing first experience! I got a tour of the facility first thing, with a thorough explanation of what each room is about, and why. I was treated like I was extremely important to the staff and had everyones undivided attention. I’m very happy I’ve chosen LoHi Chiropractic, and I can’t wait to visit again next week to hear the next steps in my diagnosis.

-Amanda L.

I can Enjoy Yoga Again

I’ve struggled with my back pain for quite a few months and coming in for care has really shown me that pain isn’t normal and can be fixed. Since starting care I have improved my mobility. It doesn’t hurt to just sit or stand at my desk as much. I’m slowly on the road to being able to be fully engaged in yoga again

-Hayley M.

Increased my Overall Health

I came in to see Dr. Wozniak Jan, 2017. I was referred by a co-worker. I had some pain in my hip that started getting worse. I thought I had something minor but after getting exams from Dr. Wozniak’s office I was shocked of how bad I was. I found out my left leg was longer and it was causing many things that were negative to my health, my nerves were being pinched, spine was curving, bursitis in my hip, and numbness in my left shin and toe. Everything was a mess . If I didn’t feel the hip pain getting worse I may not have know just how bad it really was. Dr. Wozniak went into a complete detailed exam which gave me a very good plan to help correct all of the years of damage. After my treatment plan of adjustments, PT, and therapy, my results are like night and day from Jan. 2017 to today. The treatment plan doesn’t just treat the symptoms, it goes beyond that. I would recommend anyone to Dr Wozniak’s Office. Everyone here has been excellent from Dr. Michelle to all of her supporting team!

-Jamie J.

Pleasure To Be Around

I have never had this great of a chiropractic experience. I’ve been to many chiropractors in my day, but this place smokes em all! John, Kate, Dr Waz are knowledablge, friendly, timely, and such a pleasure to be around!!! Thanks so much for dealing with me more times in my first week than anyone should!!

-Josh C.

Nice Office and Staff

Such a nice office and staff. I really enjoyed my experience and look forward to continuing my care here. My back and neck feel better even after the first adjustment and I know they will continue to improve over the next few days and follow up sessions. I’ve already referred a friend!

-Laura M.

I Have More Energy

I came into LoHi Chiropractic with more pain than I even realized. After ten months of care I have more energy, I’m not moving and living in pain on a daily basis, and I couldn’t be happier. The journey with the people and the care provided has been absolutely amazing. I came in here with a crooked spine and I’m leaving with a straight and pain free back. Thank you for everything!


Virtually Pain Free

I went from moderate to severe neck pain a year ago to virtually pain-free today. Combination of care, physical therapy, and a few massages along the way, plus focusing on better posture, exercise, and generally paying better attention to my wellness. This has been great, and I look forward to continuing my wellness care. The care has been excellent, so keep up the good work! Thanks!

-Len M.

Friendly, Energetic & Helpful!

The staff was friendly, energetic, and helpful! The office vibe is relaxed and warm. Dr. Wozniak has already made me feel optimistic and hopeful about my treatment. Her professionalism, expertise, and passion for helping others really shines through after one appointment!

-Allison S.

My Body Has Never Felt Better

I came into LoHi Chiropractic with a full soccer career (included three major surgeries!). I felt very unaligned and in pain. Dr. Wozniak successfully diagnosed and placed me on an 18-week program which included adjustments, massage, dry needling, cupping and physical therapy. After the 18 week program, my body has never felt better and I am so appreciative to be a part of LoHi Chiropractic.

-Brett F.

Above and Beyond

Dr. Woz, Shantee, Janelle and Zoe have gone above and beyond. They all make me feel at home. Dr. Woz stated that her door is always open if I want to come back. I came in to be seen by Dr. Woz and her team for a car accident injury. It was difficult but she got me feeling so much better and I would definitely come back and refer people to the office.

-Patricia G.

Excited With My Growth!

When I first came to Dr. Wozniak on 1/4/17 after being in 3 motor vehicle accidents I was feeling hopeless with my back and neck. We did the initial patient scans and my score was a 59 which mean I was very challenged in my health plan. After Dr. Wozniak set me up a health plan I began to get treatment with her and her team. After 3 months of treatment we redid the scan and my score went from a 59 to a 74!! We are so excited with my growth! And when I say we, I mean Dr. Wozniak and I because she is truly invested in making her patients feel better!

-Natalie B.

I Feel 100% Relief

Dr. Woz is amazing! I was skeptical of chiropractic care at first because I’ve heard that you have to get sucked into going for the rest of your life. I was in so much back pain I needed to try something. The amount of relief that I felt even after the first week was unreal. Dr. Woz put a treatment plan together and after 16 visits I feel 100% relief. I now know how I can treat my back and hip pain on my own without having to come in every week. Dr. Woz is extremely professional and clearly cares for the wellness of her patients. She explains the treatment and care summary very clearly so you know exactly what is going on. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

-Hillary R.

Great Energy

I can’t say enough good things about them. I feel like she totally understood my migraines. After 30 some years of suffering I’m happy to hear she can help me. Such great energy there and wanting to help me.

-Deanna T.

Focused and Attentive

Dr. Michelle impressed me with her focus and attentiveness. She is a very kind and thoughtful person. She was very careful to cover in detail the information provided by her testing and the x-rays. Dr. Michelle thoughtfully covered in detail the facets of the proposed treatment plan. After many years of suffering, I am hopeful that I will gain a pain free and active lifestyle.

-Kenneth W.

Caring and Professional Office Staff

Dr. Wozniak and her team have taken me under their wing and continually treat me like it is my first time in the office. I came in with back and hip issues, which have effected me for years. Dr. Wozniak was able to finally give me the relief I have been looking for! My service in the office was fantastic. Caring and professional office staff.

-Brett F.

Great Service

In 12 visits I have already seen improvement and feel good! The pain in my back is significantly better and I’m having much less pain when walking for work. :) The service was great! Friendly and helpful staff. My care was explained well.

-Jessica H.

Extremely Knowledgeable and Friendly

Great chiropractic service. Dr. Wozniak takes the time to ensure you understand your options and genuinely cares about her clients health. Her and Zoe are extremely knowledgeable and friendly, always makes you feel welcomed.

-Chance K.

Very Communicative and Proactive

When I first arrived at LoHi Chiropractic, I suffered from intense pain and debilitating headaches after a rear-end car accident. I had hoped the pain would subside on its own, but soon realized I could not go on experiencing such headaches and sought treatment. Dr. Wozniak and her team quickly fit me into their schedule and began an immediate treatment plan to work on the many problem areas in my neck and back. Before long, my headaches had decreased in both intensity and frequency. Throughout treatment, Dr. Woz was very communicative about my progress and proactively guided me through the next step of care. I’m very pleased to say that as of today I’ve reached all improvement goals and am back to living life as I did before the accident. Thanks Dr. Woz!

-Sarah M.

My Pain Has Gone Away Altogether

I’ve had some bouts of back, neck and hip pain most of my life and figured it’s normal. Dr. Woz has helped me correct this so some of my pain has gone away altogether, and some of my pain that still exists with my routine, I have learned how to prevent or lessen it. Happy I’ve gotten chiro care at this age!

-Marisa B.

Unique Treatment

I’ve been to 3 other chiropractors up and down the front range and found that the treatment here is different (unique)than others, and has helped me heal quicker! I feel great. Thanks to everyone for being positive and motivational.

-Zach S.

No More Pain

My lower back hurt ALL THE TIME. There was never a day where there was no pain. It was a relief to learn what was causing the pain and with treatment at LoHi I hardly ever experience pain in my low back now, just if I don’t do treatment. Wow! What a game changer. I can exercise again! Zoe’s help with PT and really focusing on the correct muscle helped me rock it in barre class- Thanks Zoe!

-Kadie G.

I am Not Sore Anymore

Right after my accident I had extreme neck and shoulder pain. It was so hard trying to get sleep at night from tossing and turning. Nothing would help. Since I’ve been getting chiropractic care I have noticed that I am not sore anymore, I can wake up more refreshed because I am able to get more rest, and have gotten tips on how to position myself at night.

-Courntey G.

I Thoroughly Enjoy Coming Here

I am more aware of my body and how everything ties in together. I have noticed a HUGE reduction in muscle tension and pain. I thoroughly enjoy coming here and am much improved by my visits.

-Melynda M.

My First Visit Took Away A Majority Of My Pain

After seeing my Primary Care Physician I was diagnosed with bursitis. The bills and heating pad was not working. I came to LoHi and they found no bursitis but I did have dislocated ribs and scoliosis. My first visit took away a majority of my pain. Each week I saw improvement. Now I have completed my first phase of treatment and I have no shoulder blade pain. I haven’t had my persistent headaches and even feel taller.

-Mike B.

I Am Thrilled With The Speed Of My Recovery

I came in with debilitating back pain that was keeping me from sitting, walking comfortably and doing most everyday functions. While I had never received chiropractic care before I was referred here by friends and gave it a try. I was impressed by the scans/tests they ran and the ease of treatment. 4 weeks of treatment and I am nearly back to normal. The back is nothing to mess with and I am thrilled with the speed of my recovery.

-Nicole H.

Couldn’t Be Happier

When I first started coming my sciatic pain down my right side was almost unbearable. I was constantly taking medications for the pain. As of right now, I very rarely have a flare-up and when I do it is thoroughly addressed and cared for immediately. Couldn’t be happier that I started coming to LoHi Chiropractic! Love these ladies!

-Caty V.

Nothing But the Utmost Professionalism

Dr. Wozniak does an extraordinary job thoroughly explaining what and why treatment is necessary. She made me feel so comfortable as this was my first ever chiropractic appointment and she does this with nothing but the utmost professionalism! I’m excited to go back. I have so much confidence in her ability to provide relief for my headaches and improve my daily well-being!

-Haley W.

Look Forward to Working with You

You are a beautiful lil Doctor that I can trust with my health, heart and well being. Dr. Michelle Wozniak and as a professional, I look forward to working with you. Thanks.

-Ellis J.

Always Hits it On the Nose

As always, my daughter and I love Dr. Woz – she is very knowledgeable, personal, and friendly. She knows exactly what to pinpoint when you bring up an issue you are dealing with. Always hits it on the nose!

-Terri M

Best Experience to Date

My first experience was fantastic. I have been seeing chiropractor’s for over 10 years and this very well may have been the best experience I have had to date. So happy that I found this practice!

-Jessica E.

Great Treatments

Dr. Woz and staff made me feel welcome and they took excellent care of my needs. In fact my broken rib and back seemed to feel better in no time with Dr. Woz. Great treatments!

-Heather M.

Made Me Feel Comfortable

It was my first time coming to see a different chiropractor in 9 years and I was a little nervous. But the whole entire staff made me feel comfortable and the adjustment was probably the best I’ve had in a long time.

-Charlie C.

On My Way to Feeling Healthier

I cannot express how thorough and knowledgeable Dr. Wozniak is in her profession. The office provides a professional, modern experience that is both relaxing and convenient! I am well on my way to feeling healthier.

-Eric T.