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LoHi Chiropractic Reviews

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of LoHi Chiropractic patient testimonials below. Please, contact us if you have any questions. Our friendly staff is happy to help!


  • I’m feeling better than I have in a long time! Thank you for answering all my questions and explaining everything thoroughly to me! Love the LoHi Chiro Team!

  • I came in with chronic neck pain and left with minimal pain and a complete understanding of my causes. I now know how to treat everything myself and understand my body

  • Learning more about my body and the compensations I need to be aware of to minimize chronic pain has been super helpful in the journey towards better hollistic health!

  • I enjoy starting my day off here before a long shift of driving and working all day. So far its been great and can’t wait to see how good I feel at the end.

  • I went on a long road trip with 8 hour driving days and had NO lower back pain or headaches. No Hip pain when hiking too!

  • AHH!!! The stressful times we are all facing. What a wonderful place to come and visit and to feel better! Thank you guys, I’m feeling 100% again!

  • I have felt an increase in my athletic performance and at least a 50% reduction in pain in the last 4 months. The only lingering issues that I have, I feel like we have been diagnosed by process of elimination and it will hopefully be healed in the next 4 months.

  • I haven’t had an injury since I started care here at LoHi. I’m feeling better and am able to do what I want when I want

  • I used to have back pain almost everyday waking up. That has been significantly reduced as well as the muscle tightness in my back. All I can say is I wish I would have done this sooner. I really appreciate the process of diagnosis and treatment you all use in your practice. Thank you!

  • When I came here for the first time I was living in pain all day everyday, and I thought it was normal. After a month of coming here 3x a week I quickly realized how much that pain affected me, especially now that it has gone away! So thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking that pain away and showing me what “normal” really is!

  • I’ve seen a big improvement since starting my treatment. Along with being more conscious of my posture, I truly enjoy coming here because I know I’m in good hands!

  • In my first month, mid back pain has gone away and lower back pain is less frequent

  • I finally came into the chiropractor because of substantial neck pain, tightness and migraines. Since coming into the office I have noticed a huge improvement and most importantly no headaches or migraines.

    -Cole B.
  • Great results after only one month!

  • I feel much better after few weeks and will continue chiro care for the foreseeable future.

  • One of the driving factors that pushed me to finally come to LoHi Chiro was my vertigo. Since my first adjustment, I haven’t had a single spell of vertigo. Absolutely life changing not worrying about it constantly.

  • I began LoHi Chiropractic with severe pain and little hope on feeling better. My overall happiness and stress has improved within only one month. LoHi not only focuses on your adjustment but the bigger picture. You will leave each appointment with a feeling of one small win! The thoroughness and hospitality puts the cherry on top!

  • I couldn’t imagine a better experience. The team at LoHi is absolutely wonderful and incredibly caring! Because of them I’ve been able to normalize my life and enjoy it without being in pain Truly one of the highlights of my day. Thank you!

  • Since I started coming to LoHi Chiro over the summer, I noticed drastic changes immediately. I had been experiencing severe neck, back pain for years, as well as vertigo. All of my symptoms have subsided almost entirely, and I feel so much better going about my day to day life pain free!

  • I feel so much better! The continued improvement is evident

  • Everyone in the office is amazing! I like that there was physical therapy, muscle stim and cupping integrated into treatment

  • I originally came in with significant lower back pain, through on going adjustments and muscle stim I’ve been able to decrease and on most days eliminate my pain. I’m very thankful to all the staff for helping me.

    -Christopher S.
  • I have received some relief with regular chiropractic treatment. Improved tightness, range of motion and reduced pain all have been a result of LoHi Chiropractic. Also a thorough understanding of why I am tight/ in pain in the first place along with a game plan when it comes to treatment is helpful. LoHi does this very well!

  • Back, neck and shoulders have less pain which is significant. Better digest, Less chest pain and less back pain too!

  • After my first 4 weeks of treatment my lower back pain is virtually gone. I have scoliosis in my lower back and treatment has been life changing.

  • Thanks for taking great care of me through the COVID pandemic. When literally everything was shutdown, it was super important to be able to get this essential care. I desperately needed in order to perform my essential job!

  • The team here at LoHi have helped me get back a lot of my life. When I first started a simple task like doing dishes or reaching back for a door would out me into so much pain. I couldn’t move my neck. I lived with fear that mundane tasks would put me down so I would avoid enjoying simple things. Since coming in I have been able to enjoy full range and use of my body. Thanks LoHi team!

    -Shannon P.
  • After my 6 month wellness program my body feels so much better. The pain subsided and no more headaches. Thank you for keeping me on the right track Dr. Wozniak!

  • I look forward to my weekly chiro adjustment and treatment. It has helped me heal from some of the aches, pains and stiffness from being active and outside!

  • Ever since coming here I have felt so much better and very taken care of! Staff has been nothing but friendly and extremely helpful!

  • Came in with shoulder and lower back pain and TMJ headaches within one month of treatment lower back pain was gone, TMJ frequency was down and shoulder pain was reduced.

    - Ben
  • My mood has changed so much since coming here, I’m much happier now and no longer in so much pain!

  • Last weekend I made the 3 hour drive home through the mountains to visit family–with ZERO lower back pain. It was so fun to not dread sitting in the car and instead be able to focus on how gorgeous Colorado is in the spring! I am grateful for this team helping make this happen.

  • I came in to address tingling in my fingers and chronic neck pain. I have noticed a significant reduction in both. I am very pleased with the insoles that I received. I believe they are helping my alignment. I am looking forward to continuing my progress!

  • I came in with lots of pain in my lower back and lots of stress in my neck. The pain was starting to get in the way of soccer, my motivation, as well as my work. I felt like I was on a steady decline and there was no easy way out. With their help, I was able to turn my physical and mental health around in a matter of weeks. I’m feeling 100% better and can’t thank the staff enough for their help.

    -Ryan B.
  • I can touch my toes!

  • From August 2020 to now, my headaches are almost non- existent aside from stress. Dr. Woz and her team are amazing and they heal with love!

  • I have had an amazing and welcoming time as a new patient. I felt everything was clearly explained to me, while enjoying my conversations. Once starting treatment my sleep has increased as my pain has decreased. Could not recommend LoHi Chiro more

  • I just want to say thank you, this has been an awesome experience. The staff has been amazing and beyond helpful, you all are so easy to talk to which has made this whole thing super comfortable. I look forward to continuing my visits here. It’s so to not be in constant pain all the time.

  • When I came to my first visit, my back was in such pain. When Dr. Woz did my adjustment, I cried from relief. She was so caring and took time to let me feel that relief. I’ve been coming regularly and my adjustments don’t make me cry -but I’m on the road to feeling better each time. Megan, Leo and Brittney are the best!

  • Excellent care and informed service!

  • I came to LoHi Chiropractic because of pregnancy and wanted to get ahead of low back and hip/sciatica pain. After one month of treatment (even though I am bigger/further along), I feel better! I sleep better through the night and my pain throughout the day is gone. Looking forward to continuing therapy throughout my pregnancy and continuing to feel good!

  • In the last 6 months I have gone from waking up with pain every morning or would be woken up by the pain, to now being able yo wake up without aching pain


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I honestly feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders! Lack of constant stress in my muscles has allowed me to be more relaxed emotionally and have a more positive outlook everyday, Thank you!

– Shannon L.

When I first started care I was having a hard time walking for more than 15 minutes at a time, and that would stop me from taking my morning walks with my dog and Will. We use that walk as our time to connect before work and get Deans energy out. Since starting care most of my low back issues have subsided and I can go on the morning walks again & keep up with the boys. They and I thank you for that.

– Aubrey M.

I truly feel different in all the right ways. I told my husband that I feel like I have a brand new spine. I felt that way after my 3rd visit with Dr. Leo, who is such a great, kind guy with excellent socks :) Thanks to Brittany too who is always a sweetie and Taylor at the front. Positive experience all around. Great job hiring Dr. Woz!

– Alyssa M.

I always look forward to my chiro visits knowing that I not only receive amazing attention and care from EVERYONE at this office, but I’m also going to leave feeling 10x better. Thanks for always taking the time to educate and break treatment information down and caring so much for your patients.

– Kendall M.

As a fellow business owner, I profoundly understand how important it is to deliver not only an elevated level of customer service, but a consistent and quality level of caring and professionalism. You guys have all of these in spades! You are a great team and I feel so lucky to have found a place where I receive not only excellent treatment, but a place where I feel welcomed and valued as a patient. Keep up the amazing work and from the bottom of my heart – Thank you!!

– Michelle M.

I came in to start treatment and I had constant pain, not sleeping through the night. Honestly, the pain was causing additional stress in my day to day. Now, the pain is MUCH less noticeable. It really only becomes noticeable after a full day at the computer or a long day on a bike ride.

– Ceci H.

I came into the office on my first day barely even walking. The entire team at LoHi Chiropractic took extremely good care of me from day 1 and got me back on my feet. Everyone here cares for and has a goal of fixing the problem as soon as possible. This is not like any other chiropractic office, every person here goes above and beyond to educate you on your issues and tell you exactly how they are going to attack the issue. Everyone here is very kind and caring. John gives the greatest massages ever! Brittney is so sweet and knows exactly how to place the stim and where to place them to fix your pain. Dr. Woz is amazing and so knowledgeable. Dr. Leo does an amazing job adjusting and fixing your issues. Jess is so kind and so helpful. I am thankful for LoHi Chiropractic, they got me from crawling because of pain to now running 6 miles without any pain!

– Yuri P.

I’ve been mostly pain free after years of common flare ups of fairly severe pain and discomfort. Its been completely refreshing making progress towards spinal recovery and improving my health.

– Dan H.

I came into the office on my first day barely even walking. The entire team at LoHi Chiropractic took extremely good care of me from day 1 and got me back on my feet. Everyone here cares for and has a goal of fixing the problem as soon as possible. This is not like any other chiropractic office, every person here goes above and beyond to educate you on your issues and tell you exactly how they are going to attack the issue. Everyone here is very kind and caring. John gives the greatest massages ever! Brittney is so sweet and knows exactly how to place the stim and where to place them to fix your pain. Dr. Woz is amazing and so knowledgeable. Dr. Leo does an amazing job adjusting and fixing your issues. Jess is so kind and so helpful. I am thankful for LoHi Chiropractic, they got me from crawling because of pain to now running 6 miles without any pain!

– Yuri P.

I started coming to LoHi Chiropractic a little over a month ago. I first came in with low back pain due to an injury from working out. After only a few sessions I felt great & ended up missing my next appointment & didn’t go for 10 days. A few days later I strained myself at the gym again & realized I should have listened to Dr. Leo. I then came back to LoHi & feel great again, so thank you!

– Sean L.

I have been coming to LoHi Chiropractic for a little over 6 months and have experienced a significant improvement in my quality of life. When I met Dr. Wozniak, I was suffering from debilitating headaches on a daily basis. Now, my chronic headaches are less severe and less frequent. In addition to the services provided in office (adjustments, muscle stim, cupping, etc.) the physical therapy assignments have been invaluable to me between appointments. Every single team member at LoHi has been endlessly kind, helpful and a joy to be around. Getting to see them is always a highlight of my week. Thank you ALL for everything you do!

– Shakota D.

I had pretty severe hip & shoulder pain to the point I couldn’t take a full breath for about 8 months. Even after the first visit I was standing taller. After about 5-6 visits me hip pain started to fade. I now cannot remember the last time I had hip issues. You guys do it different with how open you are about costs & treatment. Never knew how helpful that info was until you showed me. Best damn doctor I’ve been to! Thank you for everything!

– Dustin P.

One year after starting with LoHi Chiro and I feel like I’m living in an entirely different body. I used to not be able to even drive a car without experiencing pain, as well as horrible vertigo. I couldn’t do hobbies I loved like running or tennis. I can now do everything I love without even the worry of pain. Truly life-changing. Thank you guys.

– Lexy D.

I have had lower back issues for years and have diligently attempted to address them. I have also been through a program similar to this years ago with minimal results which was why I was skeptical that this would work for me. After my 2nd adjustment I slept until 6:30am which I have not done in a long time because I suffer from insomnia and major lower back pain. I also for the first time in a very long time was able to do an insane amount of burpees. I’m back, thank you for helping me! Life changing!

-Mkale W.

Going about daily life is hard when everything you do with your wrist hurts. But I don’t have to worry about that anymore (almost) thanks to the care you have given me.

– Quinn P.

Coming in has made me overall feel better plus unexpectedly my shoulder, which I’ve had problems with for years has substantially increased in its mobility and stability.

– April L.

When I initially came in I had lower back pain issues along with my neck. Over the last month I have seen significant improvement because of the amazing staff at LoHi. I know my progress will only get better and I’m grateful that I was recommended to the LoHi practice. Thank for everything!

– Mark S.

When I first started coming to the chiropractor. I had frequent tightness/aches in my back/hips. I did not realize how much it held me back until I started to see improvements. I am able to sustain hiking and running much longer now since I have been getting regularly adjusted. I’ve lost 25lbs and feel healthier than I ever have, and I believe I have Dr. Woz to thank for helping me get on this track!

– Brittany V.

I’ve been enjoying the visits and care everybody here has provided me. I’ve felt more confident in taking up running and playing basketball again (it’s been years). I always look forward to my visits here on my health and self-care journey. Thank you!

– Joe G.

Seeing my progress through scientific data graphs shows me the treatments are working. While this process is over several months, I can already feel less tension in my body. My recovery time when something is “off” is much shorter. Thanks for helping me feel better..even better than I knew I could!

– Jen N.

When I first started coming here, it was difficult to walk, sleep, lift anything or even just relax. Dr. Wozniak has helped give me back mobility and relief like I have never had before and I can fully enjoy my life again.

-Justin B.

I came to LoHi Chiro in a lot of pain. I was in a bad wreck when I was 18, tried several therapies and chiros for years, but nothing helped. I could barely stand to sit in a chair for hours for my job, my neck couldn’t rotate properly, and my hips hurt every time during a car ride. After just a few sessions with Dr. Woz, I felt immensely better. Now after a year of treatment, I feel like a new person. I can take that 6-hour car ride or 12-hour flight to Paris and know I won’t be in pain. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I’m very thankful for the time and attention Dr. Woz gave me.

– Ashley M.

I will be recommending chiropractic-specifically LoHi- to anyone who asks. I will definitely tell any and all of my pregnant friends about how amazing it is! I directly correlate how easy and smooth my pregnancy was to my care with Dr. Woz. I cannot thank you and your team enough!

– Kateri G.

I’ve been dealing with lower back pain going on 7+ years now. Finally I decided to do something about it, and working with your team has allowed me to focus on myself and get me to a position I’m happy about with my body’s activeness and pain level. It’s been fantastic treatment so far!

– Baxter B.

Before starting my treatment plan here a month ago, I was having chronic pain every day and could not sleep. Since starting, I remember the first day I had in a very long time that was completely pain-free. For over a full week straight, I have not had any pain, I can work out and exercise comfortably and I’ve been sleeping great!

– Victoria D.

I have loved coming in to the office everyday. Staff is always so positive and polite, The has been a space where I know I can come to really come out feeling amazing. I have noticed so much improvement in my body and moods. Something to look forward to every visit is that feeling of relief. Keep up the good work, this office truly is amazing.

– Priscila M.

You guys!!! I absolutely loved coming in and I’m looking forward to keep coming back. Not only was everyone super friendly and open to any questions/concerns, but I have felt 100x better since the first time coming in. All of my problem areas have been addressed and I’m looking forward to transitioning into the wellness stage. :)

– Hannah P.

Everyone who works here is so friendly and helpful, I love coming every week. They really care about helping patients get back to feeling healthy. My back pain has decreased significantly since starting and whenever I have a problem come up, everyone is so happy to help figure it out.

– Emily S.

Overall I have enjoyed all aspects of my time here at LoHi. The examinations along with the explanations of my back issues have been awesome and educational. The entire staff has made me coming in a great time!


I came in with extreme back pain and nonstop headaches. I wasn’t sure what the problem was or what solution I needed. I’m so glad I came here. After learning about what my spine needs and regular adjustments, my pain has reduced dramatically and my headaches are no more. I’m just happy I can sit in a car or work chair for hours without constant pain.


As a child, I had a left knee scope due to increased tissue. Since then, I have had moderate to severe Back, Hip, and Knee pain that I thought I would have to live with forever. Dr. Woz does a complete and thorough scan/ background prior to care and because of this, she delivers the most tailored and individualized treatment plan. I feel better than I have in years after receiving care from her and her great staff.