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LoHi Chiropractic Reviews

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of LoHi Chiropractic patient testimonials below. Please, contact us if you have any questions. Our friendly staff is happy to help!


  • I went from not being able to sit in a movie theater or airplane without a lot of pain, to being able to travel and enjoy movies again!

    -Christina G.
  • Overall a lot less sciatica pain in the low/mid back and neck. My flare ups still happen, but less often and lasts less long. Happy to be in the wellness care portion care of treatment.

    -Julia W.
  • I came in with chronic pain that was preventing me from exercising. We are still working to eliminate my pain completely, but it reduced enough that I am back in the gym.

    -Devon S.
  • Over the last 12 months my pain decreased and went away completely. I am very happy with the overall service. I love the quick appointment setup of the office as well.

    -Dan J.
  • My neck is feeling better and the pain frequency has reduced.

    -Justin L.
  • I first came into LoHi Chiropractic because of knee and lower back pain. After meeting with the patient educator and doctor and getting x-rays, they came up with a plan to improve my wellness and treat my scoliosis. After about six weeks of treatment, I can notice a difference and look forward to continuing the path to wellness.

    -Darren B.
  • Before coming to LoHi Chiropractic my back “reminded” me it was there everyday. I was having constant tightness and pain whether I was getting out of bed, bending over, tying my shoe or picking up a box. I don’t even notice it anymore and have more flexibility than I’ve had in years. Finally I can enjoy everything I do without pain!

    -Brian R.
  • I feel so much better after having 3 years of shoulder and arm pain.

    -Kyle B.
  • Since chiropractic care I have not had the radiating pain in my glutes that come from deadlifts and squats.

    -Ryan G.
  • The care received at LoHi has put me back on track to a healthier more active life. In just a few weeks the pain has reduced dramatically. I have already started sharing my story with friends and coworkers.

    -Gabriel L.

My Pain Has Gone Down

I started working with Dr. Kirton about four months ago. I was having a lot of long term pain in my neck and back. With a healthy exercise program, chiropractic care, and physical therapy my symptoms and pain have gone down. Thanks, Dr. Kirton!

-Adam R .

The Team Will Take Care of Me

Dr. Kirton is always very attentive to my needs and every little “pain”. Within a few visits my migraines went away completely and my constant low back pain disappeared. My range of motion has improved and I am able to figure skate without pain or discomfort. I always know the team will take care of me and I will leave the office feeling better than when I arrived. Thank You!!

-Courtney W.

Running Ultra Marathons Pain-free!

“I came to Dr. Wozniak with bad knee pain. I was unsure where it came from. She quickly diagnosed it and formulated an effective plan to help and fix the pain. I have since run all my ultra marathons pain-free! This has been a huge relief for me and a positive step forward. Thanks!”

– Anonymous

Dr. Kirton and Anna Rock!

I came here not knowing anything about chiropractics but I was willing to try any method/health treatment. I really enjoyed the patient education before any adjustments took place. I was shocked to see my results! After 3-4 adjustments I was starting to see the light. I told every friend and family member about my experience. I am beginning to feel “normal” and it’s amazing!

– Hannah W.

Never Felt Better

Since beginning chiropractic treatment, I never felt better. I came in with back pain and tightness due to being a student and I can say with 100% confidence that my quality of life has improved due to treatment. I am now in my second year of dental school and my back feels better than when I started. Dr. Woz is great at explaining why they do the treatments. They back it up with scientific papers. I highly recommend this office.

– Matt G.

Feeling Empowered

After being seen here for only two months I feel empowered about my back health. I have learned how to listen to my body. New stretches and that consistency with my chiropractic care is key. I feel better than I have in five years! Thank You to all the team you are all amazing.

– Sydnie G.

Very Knowledgeable & Friendly

No one has ever pressured me as much as my boyfriend, Rob to see a chiropractor. I’m so thankful that he did because I wouldn’t have found LoHi Chiropractic. Everyone is very knowledgeable and friendly and only want the best for your health. I can’t be healthy without a healthy spine.

– Jeanne M.

I Can Feel Myself Getting Better

I genuinely thought that having pain and stiff muscles were just a part of life. I can feel myself getting better and not waking up in pain anymore. The PT exercises are simple but have helped too. I also love how I had an ear infection and Dr. Woz had an adjustment to help.

– Kelsey M.

Willing to Help

I came here because of increasing discomfort and tightness in my back. LoHi helped me providing me with a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan of 12 weeks. After maybe half the treatment I started noticing my problems were starting to decrease and it didn’t hurt me to be sitting in a straight position anymore. Also, everybody is very polite and willing to help you! Thanks!

– Edwin D.

Much Happier Now

I’ve been seeing Dr. Woz for a year now. My pain has dramatically reduced. I could not even move my neck at one point. I’m happy to say that I have come every other week or as needed and I am so much happier now that I’m mostly pain free.

– Tara

Just As Promised

This is one experience in which going into my treatment, everything for the most part has turned out positive and the way you said it would. After about twelve months I feel much more aligned, healthier and in control of my overall spine and alignment. The staff has been professional, friendly and you’ve delivered chiropractic care just as you promised!

-Eric W.

Feeling Great!

I feel so much better! I finally feel like sleep and moving around is comfortable. Also breathing is pretty awesome and before treatment I couldn’t breathe easily. Thank you!

– Kaily M.

Always Great Experience

Dr. Woz and the staff have been super helpful and friendly in my road to chiropractic rehab the vibe in the office here is always a great one and I always look forward to my visit. My back and body feel better then they have in years and look forward to maintain my chiropractic relationship with lohi chiropractic.

– Roger Q.

Dramatically Improved

I started coming to see Dr. Wozniak because I had very limited mobility and range of motion in my neck and back. After just a month I am feeling so much better. I still have some tightness to work though, but the initial pain and lack of mobility have greatly improved since I started coming regularly!

– Rachel R.

World-Class Care

Michelle and her staff have been truly amazing with my recovery they have showed me what it is to be a true professional and provided world class chiropractic care. I came in 12 weeks ago and I had no movement in my right shoulder and was completely miserable. Michelle and her staff were able to get a solid plan together for me to make a full recovery.

-Dalton R.

Sleep Much More Comfortable

My back feels much looser and comfortable since I started coming to Dr. Wozniak’s office. One of the best parts of the treatment is that I sleep much more comfortable throughout the night. I feel really excited to progress with our treatment plan and am confident that it will help my long term health.

– Jelena R.

Educated and Friendly

Being a former gymnast my back was constantly in pain. I knew it wasn’t normal at 18 to be struggling with so much lower back pain. Every doctor told me there was nothing they could do. LoHi changed my life with amazing care. I am now pain FREE. Thank You LoHi Chiropractic! – Laura L.

Lowered Discomfort

When I began my Chiropractic journey with Dr. Woz I was so bad I often chose to sleep on the floor. My back hurt so bad I could barely get out of bed. Today one year later I am pain free and only experience soreness from my mile high active lifestyle.

– Sidney A.