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LoHi Chiropractic Reviews

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of LoHi Chiropractic patient testimonials below. Please, contact us if you have any questions. Our friendly staff is happy to help!


  • I was a 25 year old starting to develop severe hip/lower back pain from Sciatica and long term sitting. The care plan Dr. Woz identified for my body has worked wonders. I feel healthy, mobile and pain free now when I work from or doing activities. Thank you.
    -Kyle M.
  • I’ve been struggling for years with chronic pains, and the past couple of years have been especially frustrating. I’ve still got a ways to go, but you guys always make it so easy and enjoyable to work on my problems and I’m really hopeful to turn it all around. Thank you.
    -Leslie W.
  • Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Terrific results.
    -Joe H.
  • I have nothing but positive things to say about my treatment here. To go from constant pain to painless-is a great feeling. I can feel such a difference in my every day life (and my workouts) since coming here. Thank you all!
    -Brynn E.
  • Very informative about how this care will help me and that makes me very happy and hopeful.
    -Brian L.
  • Very happy with progress, you will be seeing me monthly. Not only were visits great for my physical health but it helped me reset for the remainder of the day (and week), in other words great for my mental wellness too. Thanks!
    -Robert G.
  • My body was strong, aligned and prepared for the birth of my son thanks to ya’ll!
    -Rachel H.
  • No lower back spasms since treatment began.
    -Linda E.
  • Over-all symptoms of wrist, shoulder and arm were fixed/relieved at the base level. Neck and upper back tension relieved. Gave me energy for work after adjustments. Helped me understand what was going on with my body.
    -Ethan C.
  • Thank you so much for everything. I feel so much better! I’m excited for my continuation of care. Everyone in the office is super friendly and helpful. I will highly recommend you guys to anyone looking for chiropractic care :)
    -Marianna A.
  • Fantastic team and a great experience! I can’t wait to embark on my journey to recovery and maintenance with all of you :)
    -Chris M.
  • My neck pain has reduced a lot in my first month and my hump is shrinking
    -Katie H.
  • I am a very active person and when I first came in, I was taking ibuprofen most days after exercising. After a few months of coming in, doing my PT exercises 3-4 times a week, the aching in all areas of my neck, back and shoulders has gone down significantly. I’m looking forward to seeing more improvement over the next few months!
    -Alaina D.
  • ‘When you appreciate, your life will elevate.’ I came into this office a semi broken man, not by spirit, yet by physical degeneration. Through the wisdom and the continued treatments, I am now more confident than ever. My body is more flexible. I am now starting a podcast called, Now What! Thank you for demonstrating stellar excellence with ease and grace.
    -John N.
  • The service and communication here is amazing. The staff is awesome. You guys are flexible with appointments. Also, the treatment comes with explanation. You are great at educating and that might be my favorite part of treatment.
    -Adam S.
  • I made my initial appointment because I was having severe lower back pain. I knew I needed to be adjusted. Phase 1 has been great. Loved the care you have provided and I definitely feel an improvement. I have more mobility and less pain now. Thanks!
    -Keziah N.
  • Thank you everyone at LoHi Chiropractic!! Not only have I started feeling better but I genuinely enjoy coming. A special shout out to Jenny for always making me laugh on my early morning visits.
    -Tessa W.
  • Doing a sport that always has you in some pain, It’s hard to tell when you feel better. I have noticed an increased recovery time, a higher focus on preventative treatments like stretching the back, neck and more focus on avoiding a situation that can create an issue.
    -Luke H.
  • Fantastic team and a great experience! I can’t wait to embark on my journey to recovery and maintenance with all of you :)
    -Chris M.
  • I started with LoHi Chiropractic to address a recurring issue with lower back pain. The issue has immensely improved. I understand the root cause as well as how to maintain wellness. Thank you, all!
    -Van M.
  • When I first started Chiropractic treatment I couldn’t move my neck very much at all without sharp pain. Now I can fully turn around in my car again when I am backing out of a parking spot (that was the big one I was noticing) So A+ for feeling better (and also safety…)
    -Marlida M.
  • Came to LoHi Chiropractic with tremendous pain and limited mobility. The staff are great listeners and were able to assist me from head to toe with recovery. Great team and great personalities, 10/10 recommend. I’m feeling well and able to do the things I love.
    -Jeremy K.
  • I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for the last 7 years. I finally feel like I am improving and making progress on my overall spinal health. I love the in-depth process you guys follow, looking forward to continuing the journey.
    -Alex H.
  • I look forward to my Chiro visits. The staff is wonderful and I feel reset and recharged after each adjustment. I greatly appreciate Michelle’s knowledge and gentleness during my adjustments. Y’all are wonderful. Thanks!
    -Sarah R.
  • Overall I found the staff at LoHi Chiropractic very professional and courteous. My concerns were expertly addressed and a course of treatment was discussed. I am excited for a continued relationship of wellness.
    -Yvette A.
  • Thanks for helping my back and staying positive everyday!
    -Noelle M.
  • After only one month I can tell that things are starting to improve and I wish I would have started treatment sooner.
    -David H.
  • I had about a 50% reduction in pain and stiffness in my time coming here (9 months). This is by far the best Chiropractic practice I have been to out of 6 different offices. Thank you!
    -Connor A.
  • Feel like I’m getting loose again and not so pent up. Feel like health is coming back around.
    -John T.

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How has your service been in this office?Great!

I have seen a huge improvement in my overall mobility from my treatment plan with Dr. Woz. I am excited to be transitioning to a wellness plan now that we addressed a lot of my pain and discomfort.

- Madeleine H.

How has your service been in this office? So great- all providers have been so detailed, organized, and accommodating.

Doing laundry and finishing workouts have felt significantly better the past month, with noticeably less stress on my lower back than before. This office has such a great team of caretakers and I feel grateful to have found LoHi Chiro!
- Aly N.

How has your service been in this office? Great!

Everyone has been welcoming, Knowledgeable! Helpful!
When I came in, I was getting headaches, stemming from my neck 4-5 days a week. Between Adjustments and Physical Therapy, I'm down to 2-3 days a week on Headaches! Not gone yet, but definitely trending in the right direction!

- Kimberly R.

My pelvis tilted which affected my horseback riding. I've noticed a decrease in the tilt which has increased my balance and my horse's overall performance.
- Anonymous
I was pleasantly impressed at how much progress I've made in the past month. The care I've received from everyone @ LoHi Chiropractic has been terrific, especially from Dr. Wozniak. Her explanations are clear and concise, and the results speak for themselves. I would Strongly recommend LoHi to anyone.
- Terry W.

After 6 months of regular chiropractic care, I have felt the pain leave my body almost entirely. The level of care here has been incredible. I can move my body in ways I had previously avoided due to my chronic pain. Over the past 6 months my quality of life has improved exponentially because the the care here. Thank you Dr. Woz and team!

- Anna C.

Doctor Woz and team have been incredible to work with over the past 30 days. Starting with a jaw injury and 20.7 degree scoliosis in my back, LoHi Chiropractic has helped me tremendously. They began with a thorough scan, did weekly adjustments, PT and stem work. My pain level has gone down greatly, my posture is better and look forward coming in to continue my progress. Highly Recommend!

- Tasha R.

I was experiencing a lot of pain in my lower back, hips and neck. After receiving the x-ray it clearly supported why I was experiencing the pain. Dr. Woz developed a treatment plan/ roadmap on how she was going to address the areas of concern. I am proud to say I no longer have any pain. Thanks Dr. Woz and team! I highly recommend Dr. Woz.
- Brad S.

How has your service been in this office? 
I am so grateful for the relief, learning and better alignment that has helped me return to pain free existence, less tight back and better hip alignment. I am working and exercising more successfully.

– Renee

How has your service been in this office?
It’s been such a relief to actually experience progress and have less days in debilitating pain. I’m excited by the progress I’ve made thus far and excited for what’s ahead! Thank you Dr. Woz & team for being so great!

– Jen

How has your service been in this office? 
So much more pain has decreased and my mobility and motivation to workout in enduring activities like kickboxing has returned, my sleep is deep and my stress is significantly less. My body has gone through so many psychological, hormonal, and operational changes and chiro has aided me and my body to steading heal together. My deepest appreciation and thanks to Michelle for her healing spirit and motivation for my wellness.
Yours In Good Health,


How has your service been in this office?
I’m halfway through my treatment plan and I’ve gained so much mobility back and experience so many fewer days that are controlled by pain. I feel so well taken care of and listed to with my issues and concerns every time I visit.

-Kelsey B.

How has your service been in this office? 
I came into LoHi Chiropractic with severe migraines, neck pain, low back pain. Dr. Wozniak has taken her time and went beyond to make sure I am able to do what I enjoy and not be in pain everyday. In just one month my migraines have been much less frequent (1 in last month VS everyday) and I have been able to get back in the gym :) I would highly recommend LoHi Chiropractic to anyone!

– Josiah B.

How has your service been in this office?
I’ve run my fastest runs since this work began.

– Reed M.

How has your service been in this office? 
I feel much less pain after adjustments and stem/dry needle.

– Niki C.

How has your service been in this office?
I first contacted LoHi Chiropractic seeking relief from chronic migraines. Dr.Woz set out a plan that has been instrumental in providing significant relief of symptoms, so much that I have stopped taking one of my medications for migraines! I can’t say enough good things about LoHi and it’s great staff!

-Sara C.

How has your service been in this office? 
Excellent team, easy appointments and check-in, easy to follow explanations. Dr. gives amazing info and customer service. Results are easy to see, increase in mobility and strength.

-Josephina C.

How has your service been in this office?
Since starting treatment, I have noticed a major improvement in my horseback riding. Because I am more balanced, my horse is more balanced, and my horse and I moved up to a higher level and qualified for a national competition. Many things have contributed to this, but I think my overall balance is a major factor.

– Joyce W.

How has your service been in this office? 
In just six weeks I have noticed so much improvement in my posture, pains, and overall happiness. I feel better, knowing I am taking care of myself, and I have a great team helping me as well. Thank you!

– Natalie P.

How has your service been in this office?
My heel lift has made a world of difference. My spine is finally straight.

– Paula B.

How has your service been in this office? 
Dr. Woz has been wonderful. She has been super active in my ongoing care plan and helped me see great progress in my progress.

– Karly O.

How has your service been in this office?
30 days in and I’ve noticed a significant increase in range of motion, as well as decreased pain levels. Still some work to go and I’m confidant that working with Dr. Woz will continue to be wonderful, incredibly helpful experience.

– Lauren H.

How has your service been in this office? 
When I first found LoHi Chiropractic my body was a wreck, I was in severe pain everyday and nervous todo even normal daily activities. Add to that we’d just had our first child – I was in crisis! Dr. Woz and her team were calm, supportive and professional from the start. They collected extensive data from my body systems and applied a thorough and thoughtful plan of care. It was a journey but today I feel better than I have in 10 years, I am doing more than ever without any pain. I can never thank LoHi Chiro enough, they gave me my life back and have allowed me to enjoy ever moment with my daughter, You All Rock!

– Rob F.

How has your service been in this office?
I didn’t realize my scoliosis her progress to the point that I did. That combined with a biking accident, let me in a week please physically. Seeing Dr. Woz has gotten me back on track in about four weeks and although I am not done, I’m feeling confident about the future!

– Jenna P.

How has your service been in this office? 
Dr. Wozniak has been so kind, professional and sweet through my entire road to chiropractic recovery! I am excited to have my best upcoming ski season in the year.

– Jack O.

How has your service been in this office?
I am not one to go to doctor as regularly has a should, however, my experience a LoHi has changed my mindset. It feels more like self-care than a doctors visit. Everyone is so kind and helpful here. My every day life it’s easier on a day-to-day basis, because of LoHi, and all of the amazing services they offer!

– Sally R.

How has your service been in this office? 
I was hesitant to take the time and finances to get the treatment I needed, but I am so happy to have done so and especially with the team at LoHi Chiropractic. Treatment provided instant relief, and after 1+ month in I feel more mobile and relaxed than I have in years. My sleep has drastically improved, I have more range of motion for something as simple as backing a car out and haven’t been sweating the little things as much as I normally do. Best self care!

– Leah G.

How has your service been in this office? Already I feel like my neck is less tense and doesn’t jut forward as much. I also feel a lot more aware of my body’s alignment and notice when I’m leaning to one side, etc. and will correct myself. Also, thanks for adjusting my heel block – it feels MUCH better now.

– Tiffany C.

How has your service been in this office?  One month of visit to LoHi Chiropractic has already improved so many facets of my life. Figuring out the root causes of my chronic pain and fatigue, and receiving a detailed “game plan” for recovering were the starting point to feeling better again! I can already see improvements in my muscles, joints, and alignment! Thank you, Dr. Woz and LoHi!

– Isabel P.

How has your service been in this office? After receiving care from LoHi Chiropractic, I felt healthier and better able to do my job with less pain! I no longer struggle with numbness, and my arms aren’t stiff and tight as it used to be! I am grateful to everyone in this office who has helped me.

–   Amanda C.  

How has your service been in this office? This has been the best eight weeks for my shoulder. You have truly given me my life back again! Being able to know exactly what has been going on has been incredible since I was so stuck before. I finally can get back to my normal activities! Thank you!

– Janessa V.   

How has your service been in this office? Neck stiffness has mostly disappeared, with neck and back pain tightness being less frequent. I’ve also had less back pain/tightness when sitting for long hours at work.

-Torrey S. 

How has your service been in this office? When I first started treatment, I had constant back pain and headaches, affecting literally everything I did. Today, I feel so amazing and haven’t felt that pain in months. I cannot thank LoHi Chiropractic enough for helping me and my body feel its best. Thank You!!
– Melanie S.

How has your service been in this office? Dr. Wozniak and her team have supported my healing journey after a car accident. The treatment process has been very thorough and explained at every step. I would highly recommend LoHi Chiropractic to anyone looking for a knowledgeable team.
– Nikte C.

How has your service been in this office? The overall experience with LoHi Chiropractic has been thorough and professional. From day 1 I knew what needed to be done to restore my health and wellness, thanks to Dr. Wozniak & the LoHi Chiropractic staff.

-Asher H.

How has your service been in this office? I’m thrilled with my results so far and treatment! Appreciate the personalization that is done here and am really seeing/feeling the impact! I’m a chiropractor advocate now :)
– Jamie B.

How has your service been in this office? My abilities – day to day – have improved and I am in less pain overall. At first visit – I felt so much better!

– Catherine B.

How has your service been in this office? I put off my back health for a long time, hoping it would just go away eventually. The program at LoHi Chiropractic has been so helpful in relieving that pain and finally giving me some hope for a back pain- free life!

Jocelyn K. 

How has your service been in this office? Thank you for everything! My only regret is waiting so long before coming in.

Cassidy L.

How has your service been in this office? Coming here has finally provided a sense of hope for issues I’ve left untreated for over a decade. I genuinely look Forward to waking up and starting the day with an adjustment to help get the day off on the right foot (no pun intended) I look forward to future appointments to feel better! Thank you!

– Jen A.

How has your service been in this office? As a result of regular chiropractic care, acupuncture, and massage I’ve had unbelievable relief in my TMG, neck, and back pain. After a car accident, Dr.Woz Made sure I was taking care of head to toe and worked seamlessly with my insurance. I am certainly in good hands here!

– Elyssa H.

How has your service been in this office? Since starting my chiropractic journey I have less pain and discomfort, less headaches, and more energy to enjoy life! I am excited to see my journey progress! Prior to treatment I could look in the mirror and see that my hips were different heights. Now I can look in the mirror and my hips aren’t miles apart! :)

– Kendall N.

How has your service been in this office? Before starting my treatment here I was very tense and stressed and with everyone’s continued support and love here I am able to feel calm and good in my own body! My life and body have made great improvements and I am so blessed to have been able to come here for treatments! So endlessly grateful for everyone here! <3

– Ashley V.

How has your service been in this office?I spent years, literally years (like since college) with hip pain, and now I am pain free! Thank You! I’m excited to get outside for some hiking, biking, and skiing and appreciate the welcoming atmosphere here

– Diane U.

How has your service been in this office? The team has helped me through flare ups of my sciatica, something I could not achieve for myself at home with stretches. This office is very impressive with the thoroughness of care and the availability of resources. 100% will be referring anyone with needs to LoHi Chiropractic!

– Chrisselda R.

How has your service been in this office? Dr. Woz and the LoHi Chiropractic team have been awesome. I went from having constant back pain, to extremely rare flare ups. It’s great to be able to lift weights, hike, snowboard and do all the fun things without worrying if I’m going to be in immense pain for weeks after.

– Brynn E.

How has your service been in this office? My experience here changed my outlook on life. I went from terrible pain getting out of bed and not being able to run more than three miles to no restrictions. I’m mostly pain free everyday and hardly remember what it was like before starting at LoHi chiropractic.

– Brandon H.

How has your service been in this office? So far I’ve seen a reduction in neck tightness and headaches. Neither symptom is gone, but both are less frequent and less intense.

– Torrey S.

How has your service been in this office? LoHi Chiro is Great! The adjustments- flexibility in scheduling and extra stem treatments has made my body feel so much better. Great team! Great staff! Thanks y’all

– Matt S.

How has your service been in this office? When I first came to LoHi Chiropractic, my body felt like it was failing me. The stress of my job and not being to workout how I wanted was disheartening to say the least. Since coming in I’ve noticed significant improvements and overall better quality of life. My migraines are practically gone, my stress is lower, and I’ve been able to get back in the gym. My appointment is now something I look forward to and I can’t thank Dr. Woz enough!

– Kelsey K.

How has your service been in this office? Great! 10/10
I can definitely feel a difference in my body- especially shoulders. When I’m not at my desk, my body can actually relax.

– Hannah H.

How has your service been in this office? Wonderful
LoHi Chiro has been great to work with. They use an evidence-based approach and share the evidence with their patients as they make progress. The entire staff and both doctors knowing my name after my first visit was really impressive. You guys provide the best service ever from a doctor’s office.

– Lawrence W.

How has your service been in this office? Excellent

– Elior H.

How has your service been in this office? Wonderful, staff is friendly, accommodating, and informative.
I came in with chronic pain in both my neck and hip that I had been putting off for quite some time. Dr. Woz and her staff explained the issue and set about to correct them through many different treatments. I’m more pain-free than I’ve been in years. Thank you.

– Dylan S.

How has your service been in this office? Lovely.
“Cannot say enough good things about LoHi Chiropractic! They fixed my alignment and my pain is GONE! I can work at a desk all day without stress. I’m loose after travel. Just the best year of health for me. Thank you!”

– Michelle S.

How has your service been in this office? Great!
“I have relief in my lower back for the first time in 15 years. I feel confident that my treatment plan will continue to provide me with the necessary tools and supports to live a pain free life during sitting, moving and activities!”

– Allie G.

How has your service been in this office? Service has been wonderful!
“The team has been amazing. They take the time to look at everything from A to Z and from there create a comprehensive treatment plan. Everything is thoroughly explained every step of the way, and the team couldn’t be more wonderful.”

– Karly O.

How has your service been in this office? Fantastic- everyone has been so great!
“I am absolutely sold on the benefits of seeing a chiropractor. Thanks to LoHi chiro, my quality of life has improved tremendously since my accident a few months back. I can’t the Doctor and staff enough- this has been one of the best medical experiences I’ve ever had. I would definitely not be feeling as great as I do without you!”

– Jessica C.

How has your service been in this office? Great!
“I have loved my time at LoHi. The staff are all so kind and I greatly look forward to my visits and time for myself relaxation.”

– Cori H.

How has your service been in this office? Great! Everyone is very friendly- great vibe!
“Allergies when I went to South Carolina last week were much better than usual! Still there, But definitely less severe.”

– Jamie B.

How has your service been in this office? Great!
“My pain and tightness has improved drastically. I am able to sleep so much better and have more energy throughout the day.”

– Brenda A.

How has your service been in this office? Service has been great – love getting in and out quick.
“Is there any way we can better service you? Doing a great job so far
When I came in two months ago, my body was all out of whack. Since then, Dr. Woz has helped get me back on track to do what I love most: sports! The summer I look forward to my body being able to keep up with my brain and any sport I can touch.”

– Ben A.

How has your service been in this office? 10 out of 10
“When I first came to LoHi Chiropractic I was in pain. I was uncomfy in my own body and I didn’t trust doctors or people in healthcare. After a year at LoHi Chiropractic, I can gladly say I no longer claim that any of those statements are true. LoHi Chiropractic is such a positive part of my life, and I can’t wait to continue coming back. Thank you times a million!”

– Lauren G.

How has your service been in the office? It has been good so far.
“First time when I came to this Chiropractic place, I was having a lot of issues with my body and my mental health. Because I used to have a lot of body pain, I couldn’t sleep at night and I used to feel sad. But now I start to sleep more like I used to and my body has less pain than before. I started to read books again which means I am on the right track to take back/reclaim my life.”

Yours In Good Health,

– Manut B.

How has your service been in the office? Service is great, everyone is very friendly.
Is there any way we can better service you? No, you check all the boxes.
“I came in about 7 months ago seeking a slight change in my chiro care. Knowing that other family members have had great results from LoHi, I took the opportunity and can’t be happier that the scans show the results I feel and I’m excited to not have the shoulder pain I once had.”

– Ethan C.

“I had a good feeling after my first friendly and informative phone call with the wonderful receptionist Savannah that this was going to be the place for me! At my first appointment, everyone took so much time listening to my story, showing me around and explaining what types of treatments are available! I have never had such a thorough exam or a such a comprehensive plan for chiropractic treatment before, and as a migraineaur of over 20 years I can definitely say I’m feeling optimistic for the first time in a long time about finding some relief to my chronic pain that isn’t more drugs.”

– Sara C.

“I feel 100 times better than I did when I first started here. This office and everyone in it is amazing! Couldn’t ask for a better experience.”

– Dustin M.

“I’ve seeing multiple chiropractors over the years and the treatment and care received at LoHi in not only as good, but better than any I’ve previously had. I drive 1 hour each way to come here, as we do not live in the local vicinity.”

– Jim H.

“I came in feeling significant pain in my shoulder blade. Halfway through my treatment, I’ve already noticed a significant reduction in pain and I feel clear on next steps to continue my care.”

– Ben B

“In June/July of 2022, I came in with debilitating neck pain. Dr. Woz put me on a schedule to help with decompression. It has worked. Future doctor appointments with primary care have indicated this is the best approach to managing my back and neck issues. Dr. Woz was on the right track the entire time.”

– Linda H.

“I always look forward to coming in to the office. My pain has gone away after my car accident and I feel back to normal. My service in the office has been 10/10.”

– Alexandra A.

“My back has been feeling much better over the past month and I notice changes in posture, energy and pain. My service in the office has been amazing!”

– Sophia V.

“I was struggling with a lot of tension in my back from competitive swimming and scooping ice cream at my job. After going to LoHi Chiropractic for a couple weeks, I’m feeling a lot less back pain! I’m happy I came!”

– Alexandra S.

“I’m impressed by the depth and passion that the team embodies. Any health optimization question is easily addressed. By far the most comprehensive health care group I’ve participated in. Seamless experience-from admin through care and emotional awareness. Definitely recommend. There is no better way to service me. The whole group is fantastic and embodies all facets of health and well being!”

– Matthew B.

“I have been having ongoing back issue but never been diagnosed with what has been causing it. Always given painkillers and muscle relaxers by other doctors. It wasn’t until I visited LoHi Chiro did I know what was causing my pain. The doctor put me in a program to get better and know what is was has help ease my concerns. Been very happy with care and service. Everyone in the office is great!”

-Jan C.

“Since starting here in August, my pain and discomfort has significantly decreased. Seeing the visuals of my scans was helpful as reassurance to my progress and I’m excited to keep seeing better results!”

-Mariah M.

Making chiropractic care a priority has helped relieve much of my pain. Dr. Woz is always friendly and supportive with lots of knowledge to share. I am happy with the service I’ve received at LoHi and will recommend them to anyone interested in chiropractic care.”

-Stephanie H.

“Before I came in, I was very immobile and now I can go by day by day and live a healthy lifestyle with working out. It’s nice being able to touch my toes.”

-Brian R.

“Prior to starting treatment, I had leg pain with every step and couldn’t walk or efficiently train on runs. Being active was a very important part of my life and it was really hard to be limited by pain. After working with your office, I have been able to get back to training and live mostly pain free. Prior to starting at LoHi Chiropractic I was scared I would live with the pain for the rest of my life, but now I know I won’t have to.”

-Brandon H.

“When I threw out my back and a friend suggested LoHi Chiro I was desperate, scared and I didn’t know what to do never having been in this type of pain before. Terrified that this would cause permanent limitation in my life. From the moment I called to make a same day appointment I was treated with care, concern, and as an individual, not “just like another patient.” I know I say every time I come in, but I am so happy, ecstatic to report that after 1 month I am back, and actually feeling better than what my “normal” was before coming in with my back thrown out. -Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

-Gena H.

“Coming to LoHi Chiro has been a game changer for my back. I was in constant pain prior to coming here and now find that pain to be down to a minimum. Not only am I out of pain, but the team has been so friendly and welcoming. It gives me something to look forward to! Very grateful for this chiro.”

Brianna H.

LoHi Chiro has helped my back pain tremendously. I am so thankful for their help and support.
- Frances S.
Relief I didn't know was possible! I feel like I am able to stand taller, sleep better, and breathe deeper with minimal discomfort. Such a great improvement.

- Jorgina A.

My time in this office has really felt like coming home. Having done Chiropractic care in Florida, I was worried that I might not find an office that was as attentive as they were. Thankfully LoHi Chiropractic has exceeded my expectations.

- Jaymee J.

Having anyone else take control of any aspect of one’s own personal health can be a terrifying and emotionally imposing forfeiture of personal power. The best part about being treated by the staff here is that they provide an environment wherein that forfeiture feels safe! They listen, they treat you as a human with both needs and forgivable shortcomings, and they provide a space that feels like home. When I walk in the door, I have complete trust that I will be I will be in great hands.

– Mason R.

I’ve had lower back pain for a good few years. Going to chiro in the past seemed to only treat the symptom and resulted in the problem repeating. The holistic approach taken by Dr. Woz and her team has resulted in fewer flare-ups as well as better health as it relates to my back specifically.

– Brandon

I’ve definitely seen a massive improvement in my physical performance and how my body is feeling. I was concerned about skiing this season due to an injury. However, I feel incredible and am able to ski at 100% thanks to the care I have received. I am very grateful for this as it has been a significant quality of life improvement. Thank you!
– Ryan N.

Even though my dad was a chiropractor, I’ve been leery about finding a new one to service me. But as soon as I first came in to LoHi Chiro, I knew I was in a fantastic, trustworthy hands. My neck and hip feel better already! I greatly enjoy each of the human beings in this office. Can’t wait for my next appointment!

– Leah E.

I Had a consistent pain in my shoulder that was omnipresent on a daily basis. Within phase 1 of my treatment here, that shoulder pain has completely disappeared. I've been able to enjoy my hobbies and everyday life more without this pain.

- Brian J.

Since coming here in September, my stress test response has increased by over 30%! I feel so much better and less achy! 10/10 recommend coming to LoHi Chiropractor!

- Elizabeth M.

I was in so much pain when I came in. It took a while, but after some time, I started feeling better. You guys really know your stuff. You explain it well, and you helped me feel so much better! You're miracle workers! Thank you!

- Megan D.

I came in unable to really move my neck/upper back and had pretty severe pain in that area. After coming into the office for a few weeks, there was noticeable improvements, and I was quickly able to get back to being active again and gained mobility back in my neck/upper back.

– Kristen H.

Absolutely loving my time and care here! It is encouraging me to have better health habits. I can def feel a difference in my sleep, and I love knowing how to take care of my body.

– Cori H.

I’ve been coming here for 6 months now. WOW! Time flies when you are having fun. I love LoHi Chiro so much. I Love checking my progress and seeing the improvements. So thankful for this! Thank you.

– Karoline K.

I came to the practice due to shoulder and upper back pain and tightness. Dr. Woz and the team did a series of diagnostic tests and determined that I have Scoliosis. Over the past few months of treatment my symptoms have decreased. I enjoy coming into the practice and being treated using a data-driven approach. Additionally, all the staff are warm and friendly. I’m very happy with my care!

– Jenna

With the care that I have received over the last 12 weeks I went from a 7/10 pain level to a 2-3/10. I have felt so much growth and this amazing place has helped me achieve my goals of doing more active things and not just staying in!

– Gabe V.

I love the friendly and welcoming staff at LoHi Chiropractic. Since beginning my journey I have less pain, fewer headaches, and more energy. The dedicated care team has helped transform my back, so I can spend more time enjoying life! I am excited to continue care at this fabulous facility and continuing to see the benefits of chiropractic care.

– Kendall N.