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Personal Injury Recovery in Denver

Personal injury chiropractor Denver

We specialize in helping you get back your full structure and function

You have been injured in a motor vehicle collision. Your car is badly damaged. However, your car can be repaired or replaced. But if your body is injured too, what’s next?

If you have been injured in an auto accident or other incident, Dr. Michelle Wozniak can help. If your spine has been injured, LoHi Chiropractic specializes in helping you get back your full structure and function. Then we work with you towards a plan of long-term wellness.

If you are injured and not getting better, it is most likely due to an undiagnosed mechanical problem in your spine. We often see patients affected by:

  • Work injuries
  • Auto accidents
  • Injuries from a fall or other trauma

We go to great lengths to make your visits at our office comfortable. Call today to schedule your appointment. (720) 644-9144

Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery | LoHi Chiropractic