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Meet The Staff of LoHi Chiropractic

Megan Russell – Chiropractic Receptionist

Megan RussellMegan Russell is a Colorado Native. She loves extreme sports such as snowboarding, playing volleyball, and river rafting. Megan enjoys seeing any type of live music, nature, hikes, and watching scary movies. She has found that she has a passion for meeting people and helping people.

Megan went to school at Fort Lewis College for a Marketing degree. She is a lover of all things on this planet earth and believes in the power to radiate love. She feels blessed to be a part of LoHi Chiropractic and this community of natural medicine to cure individuals. With that being said, she leaves you with a quote, “Sorry for the things I said before I was adjusted.”

Meghan Carey – Chiropractic Assistant

Meghan CareyWith gypsy blood running through her veins Meghan has always had a strong connection with the natural world. Coming from the landlocked state of Kansas her love for the beauty of the wild outdoors came from a young age. From snowboarding the high peaks of the Rockies and diving the deep depths of the ocean, Meghan has felt most alive indulging in the many adventures life has to offer. Meghan also loves to garden, promoting high vibrational healing through the dishes she makes or the essential oils she creates. She also has a deep appreciation for music and loves to play the piano and see live music any chance she gets.

Meghan’s biggest adventure came when she graduated Colorado State University with her bachelors in Biomedical Science. She moved to Taos, New Mexico and worked with the Taos Physician Hospital Organization in a clinical transformation internship. The following year she worked as a medical assistant performing Annual Wellness visits for Medicare patients. She has always had a strong admiration for medicine and working with patients. Being involved in allopathic care though, she saw some flaws that moved her more towards the alternative route. In 2019 she moved back to colorful Colorado and has spent the last year promoting holistic healing. Meghan is very excited to extend her healing hands to the patients at LoHi Chiropractic!

Monique Masa, LMT – Massage Therapist

Hi I’m Monique I am a 2010 graduate of The Denver school of Massage Therapy. I love what I do. I mainly specialize in migraine treatment but I am skilled to preform a full body, or whatever you may need.

Little about me, I love cars and my dog Rocky. I enjoy being outside and just watching nature.

I hope to see you soon!!!

Roxana Andrews, Patient Account Specialist

RoxanaArkansas native currently residing in Florida. Loves the beach, to travel, a good book, the sun and sand. Graduate of the University of Central Arkansas with a Bachelors Degree in Business and Masters Degree in Accounting. Have 20+ year experience. Past 10 years CFO for Dr. Hurley. Proud mom of 2 wonderful sons, the youngest a future Chiropractor :)

Michael Vaughn, Patient Educator

Michael Vaughn is a former golden gloves boxer and personal trainer turned Colorado mountain man. He loves Adventure sports and has been training to be a high level mountaineer and rock climber. Mike loves climbing 14ers, going on 100 mile long bike rides, and is the life of the party. He finds enjoyment and purpose in helping others achieve their goals and learn “self love.”

Mike went to school for sports psychology and has been a certified sports nutritionist and personal trainer for over 13 years. He has spent his career impacting others through motivation and intentional training. Now he’s ready to educate and assist others to discover their full potential at LoHi Chiropractic.

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