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LoHi Chiropractic Reviews


  • I am now able to keep up with my physically demanding job and lifestyle, without skipping a beat. I also received extra care for my shoulder in the process, which drastically improved. Michelle is always happy to help with any concerns.

  • Last weekend I made the 3 hour drive home through the mountains to visit family–with ZERO lower back pain. It was so fun to not dread sitting in the car and instead be able to focus on how gorgeous Colorado is in the spring! I am grateful for this team helping make this happen.

  • When I first came in I couldn’t even sit up straight in a chair. After a month of treatment I’m feeling so much better! I’m getting back to the things I love to do, like biking and I’m so glad I took the leap to get this care. I’m excited to see how I keep improving over the course of the year. Thank you al!!

    -Joanna W.
  • Working a physical job, my initial interest in coming was to be proactive/preventative as I have continued to receive treatment. I feel stronger and less fatigued doing the same tasks. I hope my treatments help me to continue to perform at my job in every capacity for a long time!

    -Phil J.
  • It is awesome to finally have an actionable plan, along with periodic progress reports to know whether or not I am making progress. Excited to be able to workout pain free again

    -Matt O.
  • When I came to my first visit, my back was in such pain. When Dr. Woz did my adjustment, I cried from relief. She was so caring and took time to let me feel that relief. I’ve been coming regularly and my adjustments don’t make me cry -but I’m on the road to feeling better each time. Megan, Leo and Brittney are the best!

  • I’ve been in extreme pain for years, I’ve always had back issues since childhood. After 1 month I feel substantially better and looking forward to more progress in the future!

  • Dr. Woz has done amazing work and my hip pain is gone! Brittney is so kind and genuine and her daughter is an incredible human. Leo is so easy to talk to, a phenomenal resident! Ans Megan always greets me with a smile and brightens my day.

    -Maia B.
  • Adjustments and cupping have been tremendously helpful for me to feel healthy! You guys have been giving me wonderful care, thank you!!

    -Lindsay S.
  • I just want to say thank you, this has been an awesome experience. The staff has been amazing and beyond helpful, you all are so easy to talk to which has made this whole thing super comfortable. I look forward to continuing my visits here. It’s so to not be in constant pain all the time.

  • When I first arrived in February, I was dealing with pain in my upper and lower back. After 4 months of care, my back pain has greatly decreased. Staff has always been so professional, and the appointment reminders were awesome!!

    -Chris G.
  • After my car accident (hit by a car while riding my bike) I was in so much pain, could barely sit down or sleep and had a lot of anxiety. After my treatment at LoHi chiro I slowly gained back the ability to move around on my own with no pain, I was sleeping and got back the ability to live my life to the degree I was pre accident! Thank you!

    -Isabella H.
  • When I first acme to LoHi I was in aching pain, tight and lazy. Now that I’ve been attending consistent sessions, I feel wonderful! I’m back to being active and feel as though I have a new sense of energy sometimes.

  • Thank you! Every member on staff has been genuinely invested in my health and chiropractic journey. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my overall mobility and have been able to resume my exercise routine. Every visit is a huge highlight in my day/week. Thank you!

    -Nathan M.
  • Dr. Wozniak is a fantastic person and has saved my back. I was in pain for years, could not figure out why. I’ve been coming here for over a year and I’m healing beautifully and am able to carry on activities without pain.

    -Melissa B.
  • Significant reduction in discomfort over the first month of treatment, looking forward to further improvement. Every member of the staff is lovely and I will recommend this clinic moving forward when given the opportunity. The text message reminder are a game-changer.

    -Robert G.
  • The team here at LoHi have helped me get back a lot of my life. When I first started a simple task like doing dishes or reaching back for a door would out me into so much pain. I couldn’t move my neck. I lived with fear that mundane tasks would put me down so I would avoid enjoying simple things. Since coming in I have been able to enjoy full range and use of my body. Thanks LoHi team!

    -Shannon P.
  • When I came here for the first time I was living in pain all day everyday, and I thought it was normal. After a month of coming here 3x a week I quickly realized how much that pain affected me, especially now that it has gone away! So thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking that pain away and showing me what “normal” really is!

  • I originally came in with significant lower back pain, through on going adjustments and muscle stim I’ve been able to decrease and on most days eliminate my pain. I’m very thankful to all the staff for helping me.

    -Christopher S.
  • I used to have back pain almost everyday waking up. That has been significantly reduced as well as the muscle tightness in my back. All I can say is I wish I would have done this sooner. I really appreciate the process of diagnosis and treatment you all use in your practice. Thank you!

  • I have had awful motion sickness my whole life. I’ve gone to eye/ear doctors, acupuncture, etc. and nothing has ever helped. Dr. Woz was confident she could help with this (I was not, I was convinced it was never going to get better.) But lately, I’ve been traveling and not feeling sick, I even read a book on my last plane ride! Thank you Dr.

    -Colbi D.
  • I look forward to my appointments every week! It’s a great reset for my body. I feel more structurally secure, my posture feels better and I have a newfound awareness of my body.

    -Tyler E.
  • I came in with skepticism after visiting other chiropractors that just started cracking. But getting X-rays and scans it felt much more like intentional movements with long term care in mind

  • Overall feel more balanced and my sleep has continued to be way better than when I started. My back doesn’t feel as stiff all the time anymore and my ankle feels looser and more stable.

    -Khalil S.
  • I have felt an increase in my athletic performance and at least a 50% reduction in pain in the last 4 months. The only lingering issues that I have, I feel like we have been diagnosed by process of elimination and it will hopefully be healed in the next 4 months.


I started coming to LoHi Chiropractic a little over a month ago. I first came in with low back pain due to an injury from working out. After only a few sessions I felt great & ended up missing my next appointment & didn’t go for 10 days. A few days later I strained myself at the gym again & realized I should have listened to Dr. Leo. I then came back to LoHi Chiropractic & feel great again, so thank you!

– Sean L.

I’ve been mostly pain free after years of common flare ups of fairly severe pain and discomfort. Its been completely refreshing making progress towards spinal recovery and improving my health.

– Dan H.

I came in to start treatment and I had constant pain, not sleeping through the night. Honestly, the pain was causing additional stress in my day to day. Now, the pain is MUCH less noticeable. It really only becomes noticeable after a full day at the computer or a long day on a bike ride.

– Ceci H.

I always look forward to my chiro visits knowing that I not only receive amazing attention and care from EVERYONE at this office, but I’m also going to leave feeling 10x better. Thanks for always taking the time to educate and break treatment information down and caring so much for your patients.

– Kendall M.

I have been coming to LoHi Chiropractic for a little over 6 months and have experienced a significant improvement in my quality of life. When I met Dr. Wozniak, I was suffering from debilitating headaches on a daily basis. Now, my chronic headaches are less severe and less frequent. In addition to the services provided in office (adjustments, muscle stim, cupping, etc.) the physical therapy assignments have been invaluable to me between appointments. Every single team member at LoHi Chiropractic has been endlessly kind, helpful and a joy to be around. Getting to see them is always a highlight of my week. Thank you ALL for everything you do!

– Shakota D.

I had pretty severe hip & shoulder pain to the point I couldn’t take a full breath for about 8 months. Even after the first visit I was standing taller. After about 5-6 visits me hip pain started to fade. I now cannot remember the last time I had hip issues. You guys do it different with how open you are about costs & treatment. Never knew how helpful that info was until you showed me. Best damn doctor I’ve been to! Thank you for everything!

– Dustin P.

From the minute I walked in I felt welcomed and well taken care of. I feel the passion for serving your patients. It means the world to me being able to wake up in less pain, to be able to wrap my arms around my love while we cuddle up in bed and not annoy her with constant movement. Thank you for all you do.

– Devon K.

I have noticeable change for the good in my pain level. The care here is not like any other chiropractor that I have seen in the last 30 years. Dr. Woz uses techniques and treatments I have not been introduced to as well. The staff is very courteous and good at what they do. Just a great team! I also like that there is only 1 doctor, and she knows her stuff!

– Eric

I feel like a whole new person. It has truly been life changing for me this past year! I can function and am no longer in pain!

– Courtney

Way back in November 2019 I came to Dr. Woz in a great deal of pain. I could hardly walk a mile without feeling great pain in my feet and really my entire body. A year later, I feel 100% healthier, better range of motion and I walk 3-5 miles at 3x a week! I am back on track! I also feel that Dr. Woz is not only a great practitioner but an excellent educator! Thank you Dr. Woz and staff for the best medical and health experience I’ve ever had!

– Tera.

I genuinely have nothing negative to say! This office has been exceptional. Dr. Woz is super friendly, professional and welcoming. In addition, so has the rest of the staff. I appreciate their holistic approach and my back is already feeling better. I’d definitely recommend to a friend!

– Patricia.

I came back to LoHi after a year break during the start of COVID-19. Since then I have felt in control of my health and body. The practice have given me a sense of peace around my illness since I was diagnosed. Love LoHi :)!

– Anonymous.

I love coming in for my adjustments! I feel so much better after words and can really tell if I miss one. The staff (including Dr. Woz of course) are also so positive, friendly, and genuinely caring. It’s a bit of a process but definitely worth it. I continue to see improvements and am so thankful for everyone at LoHi!! Oh, if you have a “computer related” job get your wrists adjusted – it’s awesome

– Michele.

I spent almost a year and a half searching for answers to my sudden increase in migraines. I went through so many rushed doctor appointments where I was just prescribed pills to treat the symptoms which never really worked. When I came for my first visit here I immediately felt valued as a patient. Furthermore, I felt I finally found an office where people WANTED to help me find answers and solutions to my health issues. My care thus far has been phenomenal and I am so grateful for the team at LoHi Chiropractic!

– Patricia.