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LoHi Chiropractic Reviews


  • My back definitely feels better than it did 2 years ago. Before I couldn’t go a single day without severe back pain. Now it’s only 1 in every 3 or 4 days and usually much less severe!

    -May T.
  • I’ve had great progress continuing my care with this office…Friendly staff.

    -Kathy J.
  • Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend this office and the service that they provide.

    -Marta G.
  • I have loved getting rid of my headaches, feeling more strength in my spine and overall feeling great about my treatment.

    -Kali K.
  • Hearing the hold me and how severe my pain was, is unbelievable to see how much better I feel now Almost a year later and with the help of this amazing, beautiful staff, I feel great! Thank you all!

    -Rodney C.
  • I came in with back spasms and waking up 2-3 times a night. I only slept 3-4 hours a night and could not workout. I am back to how I felt in high school, not so much what I looked like, but excited to be able to do all activities I once did.

    -Anthony S.
  • Over my first nine visits I have felt significant improvement in my shoulders and they’ve been an issue most of my life.

    -Hunter S.
  • My visits have been great so far, no complaints. I didn’t have major pain to start with, so no miracle cues, but I feel like all my concerns are being listened to and addressed. It’s neat to ry something ne and new muscle therapies. The staff is super friendly. The location is easy to get to and super easy parking.

    -Samantha B.
  • Since chiropractic care I have not had the radiating pain in my glutes that come from deadlifts and squats.

    -Ryan G.
  • I haven’t been to a lot or even any chiropractors but I can guarantee you and promise you this would be your best experience you would ever have here when you arrive for physical Therapy. P.S. You guys are awesome!!!

    -Edward H.
  • I feel amazing. The pain I suffer and not being able to move in the middle of the night was very scary. Thanks to you and your staff I do not cry out in pain any more.

    -Jelissa W.
  • Thanks for your help and support!

    -Felipe M.
  • I’m really feeling great and glad to be going through this health process. I also like that I learn something new about my body or wellness when I come in for my appointment. Thank you!

    -Willie P.
  • Biggest success is the stretches and hints I have been given to alleviate stress/pain in between visits.

  • Overall a lot less sciatica pain in the low/mid back and neck. My flare ups still happen, but less often and lasts less long. Happy to be in the wellness care portion care of treatment.

    -Julia W.
  • I came in with pain in my right leg from hip to ankle. I did not know why and many doctors before failed to see what you guys were able to find. I learned more in one visit here than any other doctors visits combined.

    -Kyle G.
  • I feel so much better after having 3 years of shoulder and arm pain.

    -Kyle B.
  • I do feel like chiropractic care has helped me. I believe one day I will get back to feeling 100% if I keep up with the routine, once a month appointments.

    -Kayla H.
  • I’ve noticed my stomach pains have decreased since getting treatments. I’ve been very happy with my chiropractic care here. Thank you!

    -Rachel R.
  • My neck is feeling better and the pain frequency has reduced.

    -Justin L.
  • The amount of change and improvement in such a short period has been exceptional. Pairing treatment with education, in addition to the PT/Exercises, has made me feel as though I’m attacking these issues from multiple angles, because I am. The experience this far has changed my opinion and understanding of chiropractic care!

    -Connor M.
  • Everyone at the office has been great – very knowledgeable and nice. Took my severe neck pain and have eliminated it. Great full-service health and wellness team all- around!

  • When I came in I couldn’t run without radiating pain in my lower back/leg. After starting treatment I was able to run a 5k with very minimal pain!

    -Madison H.
  • Before coming to LoHi Chiropractic my back “reminded” me it was there everyday. I was having constant tightness and pain whether I was getting out of bed, bending over, tying my shoe or picking up a box. I don’t even notice it anymore and have more flexibility than I’ve had in years. Finally I can enjoy everything I do without pain!

    -Brian R.
  • I’m very satisfied with the treatment I’m currently receiving from the friendly staff at LoHi Chiro. Thanks for all of the care and patience you all have given me, I highly appreciate it! :)

    -Gabby B.
  • This place is amazing. The staff is extremely knowledgable and friendly. Doctors pay a lot of attention to how I feel and give me very good recommendations. I had a lot of pain when I walked into the clinic. But, now I am pain free. Thanks very much!

    -PJ C.
  • When I first came in I was extremely tight, with pain every day. Since starting care my body has relaxed. I have days without pain and I’m feeling more energetic, healthy, and relaxed.

    -Sarah J.
  • At midpoint of my care I am mostly symptom free. The second half of treatment, I look forward to strengthening my weak muscles to help hold my adjustments and more into wellnes with less frequent adjustments. Completely satisfied with the care treatments I’m receiving from every member of the staff.

    -Julia H.
  • I first came into LoHi Chiropractic because of knee and lower back pain. After meeting with the patient educator and doctor and getting x-rays, they came up with a plan to improve my wellness and treat my scoliosis. After about six weeks of treatment, I can notice a difference and look forward to continuing the path to wellness.

    -Darren B.
  • Lower left hip doesn’t pop as much standing up, clear improvement. Also, enjoy the data/ proof of what and why treatment is being provided.

    -Danny M.
  • I came in with chronic pain that was preventing me from exercising. We are still working to eliminate my pain completely, but it reduced enough that I am back in the gym.

    -Devon S.

I feel like a whole new person. It has truly been life changing for me this past year! I can function and am no longer in pain!

– Courtney.

Way back in November 2019 I came to Dr. Woz in a great deal of pain. I could hardly walk a mile without feeling great pain in my feet and really my entire body. A year later, I feel 100% healthier, better range of motion and I walk 3-5 miles at 3x a week! I am back on track! I also feel that Dr. Woz is not only a great practitioner but an excellent educator! Thank you Dr. Woz and staff for the best medical and health experience I’ve ever had!

– Tera.

I genuinely have nothing negative to say! This office has been exceptional. Dr. Woz is super friendly, professional and welcoming. In addition, so has the rest of the staff. I appreciate their holistic approach and my back is already feeling better. I’d definitely recommend to a friend!

– Patricia.

I came back to LoHi after a year break during the start of COVID-19. Since then I have felt in control of my health and body. The practice have given me a sense of peace around my illness since I was diagnosed. Love LoHi :)!

– Anonymous.

I love coming in for my adjustments! I feel so much better after words and can really tell if I miss one. The staff (including Dr. Woz of course) are also so positive, friendly, and genuinely caring. It’s a bit of a process but definitely worth it. I continue to see improvements and am so thankful for everyone at LoHi!! Oh, if you have a “computer related” job get your wrists adjusted – it’s awesome

– Michele.

I spent almost a year and a half searching for answers to my sudden increase in migraines. I went through so many rushed doctor appointments where I was just prescribed pills to treat the symptoms which never really worked. When I came for my first visit here I immediately felt valued as a patient. Furthermore, I felt I finally found an office where people WANTED to help me find answers and solutions to my health issues. My care thus far has been phenomenal and I am so grateful for the team at LoHi Chiropractic!

– Patricia.

A month of 3x a week treatments and noticing immediate results and discomforts fading. Sleeping has been better, daily life and back and neck troubles have eased. Better performance at the gym. Just overall feeling SO much better, more energy, less aches and pains. What a turn around! Thank you!”

– Alyssa.

I spent almost a year and a half searching for answers to my sudden increase in migraines. I went through so many rushed doctor appointments where I was just prescribed pills to treat the symptoms which never really worked. When I came for my first visit here I immediately felt valued as a patient. Furthermore, I felt I finally found an office where people WANTED to help me find answers and solutions to my health issues. My care thus far has been phenomenal and I am so grateful for the team at LoHi Chiropractic!

– Niki L.

Not only did I see improvement per my results, but I also feel a lot better. Sometimes I doubled the treatment overall, but when I came here, not only did I get the perfect treatment but I got to learn about my body and what the process looked like. Thank you and it’s crazy to imagine when I am done.

– Anonymous

I appreciate the combo treatment with adjustments. Got cupping in upper back last week that truly relieved my pain and tension. – Emily F.

I avoided the chiropractor for years not believing it would help as my back and neck continued to deteriorate. My primary care physician is the one who recommended this to me and without a doubt one of the best decisions I have ever made. After such a short period of time I can already feel substantial gains in my health and well being.

– Chris A.

I went from very frequent muscle pain in the upper back and neck along with almost daily headaches, to feeling the best I have in years. I have decreased fatigue and overall improved wellness. Thank You!

– Tricia C.

I came to the office because of back pain and advice from family/friends about the benefits of seeing a chiropractor. The results just from the four weeks have been eye opening! I’ve felt better and more motivated to increase workout routines and have learned to deal with workloads with less stress. I’ve felt super confident with my work life and just in general. It’s been great! Thanks!

– Rachel S.

When I walked into this office, I could barely move my neck. While I still have issues with my upper back/neck, I can tell it’s improved quite a bit. I feel a lot less pressure in my mid-back and feel like my lower back hurts a lot less than it used to.

– Rachel R.

Not a success story yet, But I genuinely appreciate that each patients treatment plan and adjustments are catered to their individual needs. Definitely not one size fits all as I have witnessed at other chiropractic practices.

– Katy S.

I came to this office down, depressed and very sore and had a lot of pain. The entire staff was so amazing. Everyone is hands on and they all cared about the well being, not only in the office but outside of the office care. They are Genuine people and very good doctors and PT therapists. They’ll all a great team and will make sure you will succeed.

– Cynthia H.

I came to Dr. Wozniak with bad knee pain. I was unsure where it came from. She quickly diagnosed it and formulated an effective plan to help and fix the pain. I have since run all my ultra marathons pain-free! This has been a huge relief for me and a positive step forward. Thanks!

– Anonymous

I came here not knowing anything about chiropractics but I was willing to try any method/health treatment. I really enjoyed the patient education before any adjustments took place. I was shocked to see my results! After 3-4 adjustments I was starting to see the light. I told every friend and family member about my experience. I am beginning to feel “normal” and it’s amazing!

– Hannah W.

I genuinely thought that having pain and stiff muscles were just a part of life. I can feel myself getting better and not waking up in pain anymore. The PT exercises are simple but have helped too. I also love how I had an ear infection and Dr. Woz had an adjustment to help.

– Kelsey M.

I came here because of increasing discomfort and tightness in my back. LoHi helped me providing me with a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan of 12 weeks. After maybe half the treatment I started noticing my problems were starting to decrease and it didn’t hurt me to be sitting in a straight position anymore. Also, everybody is very polite and willing to help you! Thanks!

– Edwin D.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Woz for a year now. My pain has dramatically reduced. I could not even move my neck at one point. I’m happy to say that I have come every other week or as needed and I am so much happier now that I’m mostly pain free.

– Tara

I love that Dr. Woz can quantify progress. Mine has been very good, and I am very thankful for that. I feel like I’m getting much better and look forward to staying healthy.

– Tim B.

About 10 months ago I suffered from constant headaches, muscle tension and fatigue – now I hardly ever deal with those symptoms. I feel great everyday because of the care and treatments I received from Dr. Woz. Plus, everyone in the office is so friendly and welcoming. They all want you to be happy and healthy!

– Jacee J.

Came in with horrible neck pain. After one month it is much better. I will continue on a “wellness” plan once treatment plan is over.

– Daniel M.

“Feeling Good!”

– Tom R.