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LoHi Chiropractic Reviews


  • Was by far the best chiropractic appointment I have had in years. Very professional and took their time examining me.

    -Dawn G.
  • You guys took me out of pain from my scoliosis and corrected my posture. You guys are awesome

    -Mario F.
  • LoHi has helped me considerably increase running mileage while decreasing both pain and recovery time. The treatment has allowed me to rise above the plateau where I was stagnating.

    -Steve P.
  • Knowing I have you guys on my side already makes me feel more comfortable

    -Samuel G.
  • With all of the old injuries I have hanging around I have never felt better in the past 5 years.

    -James S.
  • Dr. Wozniak has been a huge help so far. I’ve been seeing her for about a month and am already feeling so much better than I have in a long time.

  • The service here was awesome. The staff respectful. Keep up the good work!

    -Linda W.
  • I not only received great care but every step in the process was explained very thoroughly.

    -Daniel J.
  • Definite improvement, I could not walk one block a month ago! I can walk 3 or 4 now! Sleeping better!

    -William B.
  • The staff has been super accommodating and friendly and my back feels much better!

    -Stephen H.
  • In the past month I’ve noticed significantly less strain being put on my upper back as I move my neck forwards or backwards.

    -Allison B.
  • I realized my appointments had been working when I was able to run 5 miles and finally not feel pain or soreness the next day.

    -Dana H.
  • I look forward to coming here every week! Treatment is helpful and staff is always friendly!

    -Haley N.
  • Great experience! Will recommend you to anyone looking for a chiropractor.

    -Kaila N.
  • I came here with lots of pain and skepticism, but have been feeling amazing since week one of treatment and I’m leaving comfortable. The team here is very positive, supportive and informative.

    -Lauren W.
  • All the staff are extremely professional and very nice!

    -Jessica H.
  • LoHi Chiropractic has been very thourough and attentive to my care. The staff all have such great enerhy and positive attitudes.

    -Nicole F.
  • Since my very first adjustment at LoHi chiropractic, I always leave the office feeling great. If I’m in pain at all, Dr. Wozniak always finds a way to dramatically mitigate it!

    -Kori E.
  • Dr. Woz took absolutely great care of me. She helped me go form intense pain to little to none. I would consider her a great chiropractor and friend. Thanks for fixing my wonky spine!

    -Evan P.

Pain Free–Highly Recommend!

The LoHi chiropractic crew continues to impress me. I am 10 months into my chiropractic care for early signs of scoliosis and I never thought I would be pain free again without surgery. I appreciate the level of care I’ve been given and the education of why Dr. Woz does what she does. Highly recommend!
– Sidney A.

A Huge Heart

Michelle is awesome! She has a clean and positive environment that is designed to heal people. She has a huge heart and takes time to get to know her clients. I appreciate her work.
– Alicia H.

Terrific Doctor and Staff

Dr. Michelle Wozniak and her staff are incredible. I was referred by a friend to visit this chiropractor because I was unhappy with my previous one. Dr. Wozniak started with a thorough explanation of what was happening to my spine after having me get multiple scans and X-rays. After only a month of seeing her I was out of pain and back on the golf course! I continue to see Dr. Wozniak to prevent future injury.
– Zach S.

Always Feel Better

Dr. Woz and her staff are the best! I receive awesome care each and every time I come in and always feel so much better after treatment!
– Matthew G.

No Better Place

I have been a patient at Lohi Chiropractic for two years now, with over 50 visits, and you will not find a better place for wellness. Doc Woz and the staff rocks!!!
– Dennis M.

Valuable Chiropractic Care

Dr. Woz and the crew brought my spine back from the dead last year and I haven’t looked back since. I now value chiropractic care more than I could’ve imagined and adjustments are part of my weekly-biweekly athletic routine.
– Will F.

Consistent Care and Great Staff

Great consistent care and supportive staff. Ive been a patient for about 12 months now and I’ve seen significant improvement with my alignment and I feel better. Keep up the great work!
– Eric W.

Best Chiropractor

Dr. Wozniak is the best chiropractor i’ve been to! They care about your understanding of treatment and long term health, as seen in consistent check ups and detailed on-boarding. Highly recommend!
– Julia W.