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LoHi Chiropractic Reviews

  • Love the friendly staff!

    - Anonymous
  • Not having back pain!

  • The staff is incredibly helpful, will always work with your schedule for your care and will always assist with pre-existing and new conditions.

  • I love feeling better and better each time I come in.

  • Amazing people and amazing care!

    -Laura L.
  • Thank you so much for a great first experience!

    -Ryan K.
  • Worth the extra drive! Dr. Woz has been more help with my problems then anyone I’ve found in multiple states and places. I don’t go anywhere else!

  • I’ve been able to see my progress and the staff has been very specific on tracking my results! I really appreciate the tangible data. Keep up the good work.

    -Eric W.
  • I feel better after every visit. I sleep better. I have increased my posture and able to get comfortable. I have much less lower back pain. I really enjoy the staff and service!

    -Aaron S.
  • Super friendly staff! Mitchell did a superb job of thoroughly getting to know me/my history, and Becca’s massage left me feeling totally recharged and renewed. Looking forward to my next appointment.

    -Emily F.
  • I love how positive Dr. Wozniak is!

  • Dr. Woz is amazing. I feel awesome after every adjustment. Invest in your health!

  • I look forward to the relief every week! I leave feeling ready to take on the week ahead!

  • I never leave with a question unanswered.

  • The Dr. and staff were very professional and knowledgeable, they made me feel comfortable and optimistic after my initial exam.

    -Tyler B.
  • I could barely bend over a month ago–now I’m back in the gym and stepping back up! Next is improved flexibility.

    -Laurel F.
  • I love how thorough the staff is and I am starting to feel so much better!

  • This was a unique and unexpectedly thorough experience! Thank you!

    -Staci S.
  • The whole staff is amazing.

  • Dr. Woz is incredibly thorough from start to finish. I highly recommend her for any pain or general health!

    -Brenton S.

Friendly staff, amazing program and great adjustments!

My time at LoHi Chiro has been nothing short of amazing. I actually didn’t know how much pain I was in until I didn’t have it anymore.

– Bekah S.

LoHi Chiropractic Exceeded My Expectations

Not only do they have great treatment techniques but they take the time to sit down with you to thoroughly explain each component of your treatment and the expectations to expect. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a speedy recovery.

– Kaila N.

Excellent Consultation

It was a fine day at lohi!!! I had a excellent consultation with Mitchell Shelton and if I lived in Denver I would go everyday! Thank you so much lohi…you guys were great!

– Brad S.

Vast Improvements

I’m thankful for Dr. Wozniak & her teams optimism and knowledge as I’m on my road to recovery. Each visit feels like a positive step in the right direction for my body, and a moment to check in and reflect on my progress. In a short time I have noticed vast improvements and am motivated to continue my treatment to make my mind and body as happy as possible.

– Ben J.

Happy With Results

I have been happy with the decrease in neck and nerve pain since I’ve begun treatment. My muscle tightness, and spasms in some instances has fluctuated but I think that’s to be expected at this stage.

– Tyler B.

Already Seen an Improvement

The team at LoHi Chiropractic have been very helpful in answering my questions and bringing me back to full health. I came in with knee issues and have already seen an improvement not only physically but mentally. I recommend highly.

– Seth F.

I Can Workout Again

Before I started I couldn’t really workout due to my back and just being in pain. Since I started getting care I can now workout without tons of pain.

– Karen M.