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More LoHi Chiropractic Reviews


  • Thanks for helping my back and staying positive everyday!
    -Noelle M.
  • I had about a 50% reduction in pain and stiffness in my time coming here (9 months). This is by far the best Chiropractic practice I have been to out of 6 different offices. Thank you!
    -Connor A.
  • I look forward to my Chiro visits. The staff is wonderful and I feel reset and recharged after each adjustment. I greatly appreciate Michelle’s knowledge and gentleness during my adjustments. Y’all are wonderful. Thanks!
    -Sarah R.
  • Fantastic team and a great experience! I can’t wait to embark on my journey to recovery and maintenance with all of you :)
    -Chris M.
  • I am a very active person and when I first came in, I was taking ibuprofen most days after exercising. After a few months of coming in, doing my PT exercises 3-4 times a week, the aching in all areas of my neck, back and shoulders has gone down significantly. I’m looking forward to seeing more improvement over the next few months!
    -Alaina D.
  • The service and communication here is amazing. The staff is awesome. You guys are flexible with appointments. Also, the treatment comes with explanation. You are great at educating and that might be my favorite part of treatment.
    -Adam S.
  • Came to LoHi Chiropractic with tremendous pain and limited mobility. The staff are great listeners and were able to assist me from head to toe with recovery. Great team and great personalities, 10/10 recommend. I’m feeling well and able to do the things I love.
    -Jeremy K.
  • Doing a sport that always has you in some pain, It’s hard to tell when you feel better. I have noticed an increased recovery time, a higher focus on preventative treatments like stretching the back, neck and more focus on avoiding a situation that can create an issue.
    -Luke H.
  • My body was strong, aligned and prepared for the birth of my son thanks to ya’ll!
    -Rachel H.
  • I started with LoHi Chiropractic to address a recurring issue with lower back pain. The issue has immensely improved. I understand the root cause as well as how to maintain wellness. Thank you, all!
    -Van M.
  • I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for the last 7 years. I finally feel like I am improving and making progress on my overall spinal health. I love the in-depth process you guys follow, looking forward to continuing the journey.
    -Alex H.
  • Over-all symptoms of wrist, shoulder and arm were fixed/relieved at the base level. Neck and upper back tension relieved. Gave me energy for work after adjustments. Helped me understand what was going on with my body.
    -Ethan C.
  • Very happy with progress, you will be seeing me monthly. Not only were visits great for my physical health but it helped me reset for the remainder of the day (and week), in other words great for my mental wellness too. Thanks!
    -Robert G.
  • Thank you everyone at LoHi Chiropractic!! Not only have I started feeling better but I genuinely enjoy coming. A special shout out to Jenny for always making me laugh on my early morning visits.
    -Tessa W.
  • Overall I found the staff at LoHi Chiropractic very professional and courteous. My concerns were expertly addressed and a course of treatment was discussed. I am excited for a continued relationship of wellness.
    -Yvette A.
  • No lower back spasms since treatment began.
    -Linda E.
  • Thank you so much for everything. I feel so much better! I’m excited for my continuation of care. Everyone in the office is super friendly and helpful. I will highly recommend you guys to anyone looking for chiropractic care :)
    -Marianna A.
  • After only one month I can tell that things are starting to improve and I wish I would have started treatment sooner.
    -David H.
  • I was a 25 year old starting to develop severe hip/lower back pain from Sciatica and long term sitting. The care plan Dr. Woz identified for my body has worked wonders. I feel healthy, mobile and pain free now when I work from or doing activities. Thank you.
    -Kyle M.
  • Fantastic team and a great experience! I can’t wait to embark on my journey to recovery and maintenance with all of you :)
    -Chris M.
  • I’ve been struggling for years with chronic pains, and the past couple of years have been especially frustrating. I’ve still got a ways to go, but you guys always make it so easy and enjoyable to work on my problems and I’m really hopeful to turn it all around. Thank you.
    -Leslie W.
  • I have nothing but positive things to say about my treatment here. To go from constant pain to painless-is a great feeling. I can feel such a difference in my every day life (and my workouts) since coming here. Thank you all!
    -Brynn E.
  • ‘When you appreciate, your life will elevate.’ I came into this office a semi broken man, not by spirit, yet by physical degeneration. Through the wisdom and the continued treatments, I am now more confident than ever. My body is more flexible. I am now starting a podcast called, Now What! Thank you for demonstrating stellar excellence with ease and grace.
    -John N.
  • Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Terrific results.
    -Joe H.
  • Very informative about how this care will help me and that makes me very happy and hopeful.
    -Brian L.
  • I made my initial appointment because I was having severe lower back pain. I knew I needed to be adjusted. Phase 1 has been great. Loved the care you have provided and I definitely feel an improvement. I have more mobility and less pain now. Thanks!
    -Keziah N.
  • When I first started Chiropractic treatment I couldn’t move my neck very much at all without sharp pain. Now I can fully turn around in my car again when I am backing out of a parking spot (that was the big one I was noticing) So A+ for feeling better (and also safety…)
    -Marlida M.
  • Feel like I’m getting loose again and not so pent up. Feel like health is coming back around.
    -John T.
  • My neck pain has reduced a lot in my first month and my hump is shrinking
    -Katie H.

So much better!

Thank you for all of the work you're doing. In the month or so, I've been coming here. I've seen a massive improvement in pain, my stamina for back intensive activities, and gotten a deeper understanding of my body's unique quirks. I wish I understood anything the way ya'll understand the body!

- B.Tourelle S.

They’re a great team!

Every single person at the LoHi Chiropractic has taken such great care of me! It’s such a welcoming and comforting environment that I look forward to every one of my appointments. My back has never felt better! Thank you to all of you for being so wonderful and amazing!

– K.Samson

Never felt so good!

Neck and upper back pain used to keep me up at night and effect my daily life negatively. Since starting care, my pain has gone down considerably, and I feel much more alert in work meetings. Sleep has also improved greatly
- M.Weissman.

So happy I found this place!

This was my first-time having chiropractor’s treatment. I was a little bit scared at first, but I am very happy I found this place. Both doctors, all the staff are very professional making me feel comfortable. I really enjoy coming to this place. It is relaxing and my back and knee feel so much better

Loving my experience thus far!

Loving my experience thus far! I enjoy the educational component, make me feel more invested. Michelle is wildly calming-love her energy! Looking forward to continued care.
- D. Beaumont.

So far so good!

Came in with back and hip tightness. It took a bit for me to get through the initial treatments, but I did come back and finish because I do notice a big difference in the way I feel.
– A. Spostato.

Pain free one day is a chance!

I have lived with chronic pain in my hips and back for years. This office is the first to give me a better understanding of why I was feeling pain and how I could hep myself heal. While I still have some way to go, I feel better knowing that one day, I may be pain-free (or at least reduced pain). :)

- Riley P.

Feeling so improved

After 6+ months of pain and discomfort in my neck/upper back, I have improved so much more than I expected In just one month of treatment here

– Luke W

Immediate results!

Coming here fixed my acute neck issue right away. Since then the adjustments/stim has helped each week, but the biggest benefit has been learning from the doctor. Each week is a good reminder to keep ahead on maintenance and stretching which has helped as much as anything else. Thanks!
- Alec S.

Finally Pain Free!

I honestly didn’t know how much pain I was in until Dr. Woz corrected it. I now have a mobility that I thought was unattainable. For the first time in my life I am pain free!
Rebekah S.

Couldn't Be Happier

I couldn't be happier with my physical progress and care received by Dr. Wozniak and her staff over the past 5 months. I feel great and have been supported in my health care decisions and actions. Every time I walked into the office for care I could feel the positive energy and caring throughout the entire time I was there.

Dr. Wozniak provides a full range of modalities, in addition to her fine chiropractic manipulation techniques. I am provided with physical therapy when needed and muscle stimulation. My husband, who is recovering from knee replacement surgery receives acupuncture, muscle stimulation, and ultrasound in addition to chiropractic treatments. His progress has been phenomenal.

We are happy with our care and look forward to continuing with Dr. Wozniak and her staff for continued improvement and better health.
- Jann G.

Everyone in the Office is Friendly

In a short period of time, I’ve managed to decrease/minimize any pain, aching or burning all while increasing my flexibility. Each week I look forward to my visit w/ Michelle. Everyone in the office is friendly which is also a huge plus!
– Derek J.

Wonderful Experience

When I came to see Dr. Woz, I was experiencing significant pain while biking, and I had random back pain and muscle spasms. I was shocked to learn that I have severe scoliosis! After one month of consistent treatment, I no longer feel "crooked" and my body is stronger and more comfortable. The staff at this office are professional and kind from start to finish. It has been a wonderful experience

- Leanna D.

Improved Flexibility & Lessened the Pain

I suffered from increasing chronic lower back pain. The treatments from LoHi Chiropractic have markedly improved flexibility and lessened the pain in tangible ways.

– Ryan L.

They Are All Fantastic

Dr Woz and staff are all fantastic. They really try to get to the bottom of your pain issues. Headaches are fewer and less severe. Can't wait till they are gone!

- Cynde K.

My experience with everyone in this office has been amazing.

‘Scoliosis / Scooter Disaster’ My experience with everyone in this office has been amazing. Everyone is very accommodating and friendly, flexible with my schedule and helpful. Dr. Woz is warm, caring, compassionate, educated and passionate about her patients and practice. Addressed my scoliosis and now scooter injury has neem a top priority and I know I am in expert care with everyone on the team. I cannot thank you all enough for my experience thus far. I hope to get future referrals into the practice. Thank you everyone on the team, it has truly enhanced my life for the better! and in only a small amount of time.
– Leslie H.

I am excited to continue care with this awesome team.

I originally came into the office never having chiropractic care before and not knowing what to expect. From day one every single person in the office has shown genuine care for me and my chiropractic journey. My lower back issues are healed and I am excited to continue care with this awesome team.

- Nathan M.

The fantastic staff here. I can’t thank you all enough

We did it!! 1 year after my injury I am feeling great. When I first came to Dr. Woz I was in severe back/head pain that was unbearable. I am now down to 1-3 headaches per week. (Yes, that’s an improvement) and my back pain is minimal. I always feel great after my appointment and look forward to coming. What’s more worth noting is the fantastic staff here. I can’t thank you all enough for being so kind and flexible with my schedule. Thank you Jessica, Taylor, Brittany, both Megans, Jenny and Dr. Woz!
– Bailey S.

Stopped the ringing in my ears!

I had dislocated my jaw a few years ago and constant ringing in my ears. I told the doctor and he popped my ears. I never knew that could be done. Amazingly, the ringing stops all together at times and is a lot quieter.

- Jessie P.