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Dr. Anthony Odney
(Chiropractor and Community Outreach Provider)

Dr. Anthony Odney

Dr. Anthony Odney

Anthony Odney graduated from Southern California University of Health Science in Whittier, California earning his Degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2018 at the top of his class. Born and raised in the busy city of Los Angeles, California, I relocated to Alaska to start my Chiropractic career and found a love for the outdoors. Missing a bit of the culture from the city, he moved to Colorado, to experience the best of both worlds.

Road to Chiropractic

I had two big passions in my life growing up: volleyball and building stuff in the tool shed of my parent house. I took those two passions into college, studying kinesiology and mechanical engineering. Oddly enough the study of movement and machines go hand in hand. After graduation and working in the engineering field, I suffered a debilitating low back injury. I was given medication to treat my pain and was told that surgery was likely my only option. I didn’t want surgery at 19 years old, and just like so many other people I just lived with the pain. Years later I was referred to an orthopedic clinic where I met a sports medicine Chiropractor. For the first time in years I was pain free, in fact I was better than ever. I was so motivated by what Chiropractic did for me. Instead of just telling other people about chiropractic, I decided I have to show them.

Becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic has allowed me to serve my community and bring hope to people who are suffering and sick.

Healing By Design

Odney’s philosophy is teaching is the best form of treatment. He wants patient’s understand why they have a problem, and what they need to do in order to correct it, for lifelong health and happiness. Dr. Odney welcomes those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, patients who want to achieve their greater potential, and to those in the community who want to learn about health through the many workshops and community programs he has designed.

Dr. Anthony Odney | (720) 644-9144