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About LoHi Chiropractic

Our beautiful state-of-the- art modern clinic is a haven of wellness, convenience and welcoming efficiency for our patients in Denver.

About LoHi Chiropractic in Denver

There is always a solution, there is always hope.

Dr. Wozniak always tells our patients: “If this is a chiropractic case, I will let you know and provide treatment options accordingly. If this is not a chiropractic case, I will also let you know and I will refer you to another qualified physician for diagnostics and treatment that will help you. There is always a solution, there is always hope. No situation is too complicated.”

“Patients will either leave my office having received care and relief and a plan of action, or education on their condition and a qualified referral.”

Dr. Wozniak

The LoHi Chiropractic Mission

My mission is to enhance the quality of life of others through chiropractic care. Further, I wish to educate my patients and my community on the cause, the treatment and the prevention of sickness, illness and disease. I do this not only using the chiropractic philosophy, but the power of the adjustment and lifestyle changes.

Our Approach

We look at the whole person, and this begins with evaluation of health issues and a personal plan for change they want. We help active families, athletes, busy business people, and even infants and children who suffer with pain and discomfort that affect their life enjoyment. Pregnant women and seniors are also in our patient scope.

Call us today for a consultation that can be your first step toward the new life and wellness you want. (720) 644-9144