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More LoHi Chiropractic Reviews


  • Since starting Chiropractic care I have noticed positive physical results. The staff is kind, professional, and knowledgeable. The atmosphere in the office is welcoming, and I generally look forward to my appointments. Thank you

    -Tyler M.
  • Doctor Leo and Michelle have helped me out a lot, I have moved from a walker to a cane. Thank You

    -Ray B.
  • I don’t have a tight mid-back when I hike with a pack now. We addressed underlining issues (leg length discrepancy) which has made all the difference!

    -Dustin C.
  • Nothing acute but a general sense of better health. Body is more adaptable. Able to take on stress better, recover faster.

    -Tyler E.
  • When I first arrived, I couldn’t even tie my shoes. I thought my days of golfing or exercising were behind me. I couldn’t even carry a back pack, and now I’m carrying a golf bag!

    -Kevin K.
  • Everyone is super friendly. It really just feels like they want you to feel better.

    -Michael E.
  • I am a nurse who is on her feet 14 hours a day – 3 days in a row. I was having such terrible back pain I would cry after work. With the PT, adjustments and orthotics I feel so so much better. I have found a renewed care of my patients. Thanks for all you do!! :)

    -Alyssa M.
  • I came to LoHi back in September 2019 and I wasn’t able to feel my left leg for about a month at that point. 1 month later of 4 treatments/week I was able to feel everything on both sides of my legs. Now I’m able to train/workout better than I ever have before and walk! :)

    -Kathleen K.
  • My experience with LoHi Chiro has been great. I feel much more secure with my body and health than I did 1 year prior. Would highly recommend LoHi Chiro to anyone with nerve and body pain.

    -Sam H.
  • The tingling in my fingers is gone! I am feeling less pain and have more mobility. I am pleased with the value that I receive from this office.

    -Laura S.
  • Thanks to Dr. Leo, Brittney and the rest of the team at LoHi Chiropractic, I feel less stress and tension. Not to mention overall improved quality of life! I have more confidence in my posture and compassion for my health. Thank you for helping me achieve this milestone and operating with so much kindness, compassion and enthusiasm! I always look forward to my appointments!

    -Taylor A.
  • My lower back pain is better after treatments, so I know I’m on the right track but it is still a work in progress to eliminate the pain completely.

    -Jon E.
  • I greatly appreciate my weekly visits, the thoroughness of the team, and always leaving feeling better. I have the tools and exercises to continue on with this self-care journey and value my year of regular visits, adjustments, and therapies with LoHi Chiro. Thank you! :)

    -Tricia H.
  • What a great office. I have always gone to some place and felt like no one was looking at the bigger picture or bringing the pieces together. At LoHi, I feel like everything is explained, connected, etc. It has pushed me to make time for myself and put myself first for my long term health and mobility.

    -Katie R.
  • I came to LoHi Chiropractic with shoulder and hip pain. I was having trouble even walking around the block with my partner. Now shoulder pain is gone and I can walk miles pain free. Thanks for all your help.

    -David V.
  • My back overall feels more aligned and structurally more in tune. I had a back injury coming in that stopped me from doing my sport, tricking. Now I can finally train pain-free again! Looking forward to the future!

    -Adem H.
  • Overall, I am pleased with my experience here. I feel better. Thank you. :)

    -Fleming L.
  • My back has improved tremendously over the last 6 months. Before I started here, I wasn’t unable to sleep through the night and would frequently try to sleep in a seated position due to back pain. These issues are gone. Thank you to Dr. Woz and the entire staff, everyone here has been great.

    -John M.
  • When I experience pain (back pain in particular) I tend to be mean specially to my kids. Since coming here I have had a great tender relationship with my kids, wife and out dogs. Thank you!!

    -Victor S.
  • I have been coming to LoHi Chiro for about a month now and have noticed a sizable difference in my day to day pain. Keep up the great work!

    -Scott S.
  • This journey has been great! My sleep has continued to improve and all the general (lingering) pain I used to have is pretty much gone. Thank you all so much!!

    -Khalil S.
  • After a full year of treatments, I definitely have less pain and better ability to participate in certain activities. I know my lower back will never be perfect again, but it’s much better than it was.

    -Keith J.
  • I came in with lots of pain in my lower back and lots of stress in my neck. The pain was starting to get in the way of soccer, my motivation, as well as my work. I felt like I was on a steady decline and there was no easy way out. With their help, I was able to turn my physical and mental health around in a matter of weeks. I’m feeling 100% better and can’t thank the staff enough for their help.

    -Ryan B.
  • I appreciate how comprehensive your treatments and approach is – from looking at data and results with Leo, learning PT & getting stem with Brittney, to adjustments with Michelle. I am feeling so much more informed and better physically. Thank you!

    -Keara M.

I feel 100x’s better.

I feel 100x’s better since I’ve been coming here. Not as much pain during long shifts. Office is super comfortable and fun to come to. Will recommend to any friends with back issues. – D. Mayor.

I trust the care that I am in.

I feel better overall, though the primary reason I am here I am still hopeful to see better improvement. I trust the care that I am in and hope to improve my situation in the near future. - K. Guabat

I knew I came to the right place.

I first came in the office in so much pain. Once a plan was put into place after a few appointments my pain subsided. I knew I came to the right place. The Doctors and friendly staff have helped me so much! And I really appreciate it. – J. Scottie.

I’m starting to feel better.

Day by day I’m starting to feel better thanks to everyone at LoHi! – S. Geller

The first place where they don’t ONLY care about the money.

“We gone to 3 different chiropractors and this is the first place where they don’t ONLY care about the money. You all constantlyask/communicate with clients and most importantly, (in my opinion) to each other! Being on the same page is key. – N.Vega.

I’ve been able to sleep better each night.

So far, I’ve been able to sleep better each night with no lower back pain in the am. I drive long distance for work and have no issues with back pain since about week 2 of my treatment

I feel much better overall.

Significant reduction in pain and instability. I feel much better overall. More confidence in moving, lifting, and everyday tasks. Worth it! – K.Moore.

I love it here!

I always love coming in for an adjustment! I feel great afterwards and I can focus more on my job and school when I have less pain. When I first started coming in, I could barely turn my head without pain. Dr. Leo put me on a program, and I can happily say I don’t have any pain now! I love it here! – K.Nolan

I now don’t typically get constant shoulder pain.

Been coming here for a few months for my shoulders and the core has been great. It’s tough to judge sometimes day in and day out, but I now don’t typically get constant shoulder pain that is tough to alleviate, which is great. On top of that in my first auto race this year I didn’t suffer from shoulder fatigue, which has plagued me in years past. I’ll take every win I can get! – S.Rizzo

I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

I love the LoHi Chiropractic team. They have been helpful and diligent in my care plan. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. – David V.

The team here has really done a great job.

I’ve had several frustrating physical issues the past year from issues and tightness in my neck/upper back to elbow tendinitis to lower back/hip stiffness and soreness, but the team here has really done a great job helping me make progress in each area every week over the past several months and I am extremely grateful and would be more than happy to refer more people your way! – Luke W.

It’s definitely improved my work and life.

A new job and more video meetings caused me to exacerbate my neck and shoulder stress. I was leaning forward too much! Thanks to my adjustments, stim, and PT here, I am sitting better for longer and not grimacing on calls. It’s definitely improved my work and life. Thanks! – Michelle S.

Leave feeling so much better.

The reason I started coming here was to treat a spot in my shoulder. The reason I will keep coming back is because of how much better I feel everywhere. It is great to be able to come in for a few minutes and leave feeling so much better. Also, the texts and emails are helpful-and flexibility to get in or cancel are great. – David H.

I truly enjoy coming in.

I am normally hesitant to seek medical assistance, but everyone in the office is so kind and personable. I truly enjoy coming in. – Kevin J.

Get the movement I enjoy back.

You helped me feel so much better and get the movement I enjoy back. I appreciate everyone in the office and how friendly and helpful you all are. Thanks for everything you do! – Ruth S.

I have noticed significant improvements.

Everyone at the office has been so kind and helpful during phase 1 of my treatments. I have noticed significant improvements with sleeping and everyday activities. I wake up refreshed and ready to start my day. I have not had neck or back pain from sleeping since hearing about best sleeping practices. Thank you – Jessica C.