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LoHi Chiropractic Reviews

  • Since my very first adjustment at LoHi chiropractic, I always leave the office feeling great. If I’m in pain at all, Dr. Wozniak always finds a way to dramatically mitigate it!

    -Kori E.
  • Was by far the best chiropractic appointment I have had in years. Very professional and took their time examining me.

    -Dawn G.
  • In the past month I’ve noticed significantly less strain being put on my upper back as I move my neck forwards or backwards.

    -Allison B.
  • I not only received great care but every step in the process was explained very thoroughly.

    -Daniel J.
  • I realized my appointments had been working when I was able to run 5 miles and finally not feel pain or soreness the next day.

    -Dana H.
  • LoHi has helped me considerably increase running mileage while decreasing both pain and recovery time. The treatment has allowed me to rise above the plateau where I was stagnating.

    -Steve P.
  • Very nice and personable. Looking forward to continuing getting adjusted here

    -Derek J.
  • Great Service and very kind and welcoming staff. Service seems consistent and will be an improvement towards personal health.

    -Cayden N.
  • Definitely have felt a lot better throughout the process. Always looking forward to my new weekly adjustment and seeing very good results. Will recommend and currently am to any of my friends and family. I love all the staff who are very professional and knowledgeable.

    -Luis S.
  • I started with pain all the time, now I feel better more often than I feel bad.

    -Cecelia C.
  • I was very excited to get treatment here and I am not disappointed! Very friendly staff. I’m very comfortable here.

    -Linda Q.
  • Everything and everyone in practice and office are friendly and easy to work woith and handle questions effectively and efficiently.

    -Darla P.
  • Definite improvement, I could not walk one block a month ago! I can walk 3 or 4 now! Sleeping better!

    -William B.
  • All the staff are extremely professional and very nice!

    -Jessica H.
  • The staff has been super accommodating and friendly and my back feels much better!

    -Stephen H.
  • I came here with lots of pain and skepticism, but have been feeling amazing since week one of treatment and I’m leaving comfortable. The team here is very positive, supportive and informative.

    -Lauren W.
  • When I first started my therapies I was always in pain and my body was all crooked. I started seeing results within a week and after two weeks my pain was almost gone and it was 90% gone!

    -Mario F.
  • Knowing I have you guys on my side already makes me feel more comfortable

    -Samuel G.
  • Great experience! Will recommend you to anyone looking for a chiropractor.

    -Kaila N.
  • The staff was all extremely friendly and thoroughly explained what they were doing, why and what they were finding.

    -Nicole K.

Friendly and Professional Environment

Dr. Woz does amazing work! I have felt much better and in less pain since I began treatment with her in Aug. She has a clean and well-kept facility utilizing a wide variety of techniques for correcting the body and adjusting it back to normal. The staff is always friendly and professional which makes the experience that much more enjoyable. \

– Jason T.

Warm and Welcoming

I used a Groupon to come here and had a great visit with Dr. Wozniak. She was personable and professional and gave me a great adjustment! The facility is clean, bright, and modern, and the staff is nice and welcoming. I’ll be back!

– Jessica M.

Feeling So Much Better!

I had been having back pain for quite sometime, and finally caved and went to a chiropractor. I researched ones near me, and thought I would give LoHi Chiropractic a shot. I am very glad I did! A few weeks in, and I am feeling a so much better. I have never had someone sit and comprehensively give me such an understanding of what is going on with my body. Turns out the back pain I had was scoliosis (I knew I had some level, turns out it got worse with age!) and some degenerating discs, and I would have had no idea. I got an insert for my shoe, have been going regularly, and am slowly feeling better everyday! Also, bonus, Dr. Woz is really nice & easy to talk to.

– Tanya S.

Top Notch Staff and Facility

Dr.Wozniak is awesome. Really takes the time to go over your diagnosis and the plan to treat it. The staff are friendly and amazing. Facilities are top notch.

– Dillon B.

Well-Trained, Energetic and Caring Doctor

I highly recommend LoHi Chiropractic! I had been suffering for a few years from pain in my hip after workout sessions and after receiving treatment from Dr. Wozniak, I have been pain free for over a year now! I was skeptical at first about how effective chiropractic treatment was in general, but am a firm believer after having visited Dr. Woz. She is well-trained, energetic, and truly cares about her clients.

– Hillary G.

The Best Chiropractor!

By far the best chiropractor we’ve ever seen. Michelle fixed my husband’s chronic neck, shoulder and back pain from 2 major injuries. She’s great at explaining what’s happening and also uses a wide variety of therapies to address the issue. And she’s super fun.

– Lee R.

Significant Improvement

I started coming to LoHi Chiropractic one year ago and have nothing but the best things to say about Dr. Wozniak, her staff and her practice. For years, I have struggled with chronic shoulder pain and mild scoliosis in my lower back. I can honestly say that both have improved significantly since receiving weekly treatments from Dr. Woz. She truly takes the time to understand my issues and more importantly, communicates with me in a way that helps me understand my issues! Medical treatment can be intimidating and Dr. Woz always makes me feel comfortable as she is very knowledgeable, patient and attentive. I’ve always had a great experience with her staff as well and it’s easy to see that Dr. Woz cares about them as much as she cares about her patients! I would highly recommend a visit to LLoHi Chiropractic…you’ll keep coming back for more!

– Shawna C.