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Pregnancy Chiropractic Care in Denver

We Make Pregnancy More Comfortable

“Chiropractic is hands-on therapy that can help keep mom and baby comfortable through delivery.”

Pregnancy Chiropractor Denver

Dr. Wozniak offers techniques to help make your pregnancy as comfortable as possible

Moms in waiting don’t have to suffer back pain and other discomforts. LoHi Chiropractic stands ready to see women through their pregnancies with treatment options that decrease and remove back pain and sciatica, reduce labor time, and decrease incidents of breeched births.

The gentle and comforting chiropractic techniques we use are different from regular ones, and they’ve proven to be so effective that women look forward to them. We also coach moms in the at-home birthing process, or refer them to others who are experienced in a range of nontraditional birthing techniques.

Learn how we can help you and your baby through the possible discomforts of your pregnancy. Call us to schedule an appointment. (720) 644-9144

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