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LoHi Chiropractic Reviews

I Have More Energy

I came into LoHi Chiropractic with more pain than I even realized. After ten months of care I have more energy, I’m not moving and living in pain on a daily basis, and I couldn’t be happier. The journey with the people and the care provided has been absolutely amazing. I came in here with a crooked spine and I’m leaving with a straight and pain free back. Thank you for everything!

– Anonymous

Virtually Pain Free

I went from moderate to severe neck pain a year ago to virtually pain-free today. Combination of care, physical therapy, and a few massages along the way, plus focusing on better posture, exercise, and generally paying better attention to my wellness. This has been great, and I look forward to continuing my wellness care. The care has been excellent, so keep up the good work! Thanks!

– Len M.

Friendly, Energetic & Helpful!

The staff was friendly, energetic, and helpful! The office vibe is relaxed and warm. Dr. Wozniak has already made me feel optimistic and hopeful about my treatment. Her professionalism, expertise, and passion for helping others really shines through after one appointment!

– Allison S.

My Body Has Never Felt Better

I came into LoHi Chiropractic with a full soccer career (included three major surgeries!). I felt very unaligned and in pain. Dr. Wozniak successfully diagnosed and placed me on an 18-week program which included adjustments, massage, dry needling, cupping and physical therapy. After the 18 week program, my body has never felt better and I am so appreciative to be a part of LoHi Chiropractic.

– Brett F.

Above and Beyond

Dr. Woz, Shantee, Janelle and Zoe have gone above and beyond. They all make me feel at home. Dr. Woz stated that her door is always open if I want to come back. I came in to be seen by Dr. Woz and her team for a car accident injury. It was difficult but she got me feeling so much better and I would definitely come back and refer people to the office.

– Patricia G.

Excited With My Growth!

When I first came to Dr. Wozniak on 1/4/17 after being in 3 motor vehicle accidents I was feeling hopeless with my back and neck. We did the initial patient scans and my score was a 59 which mean I was very challenged in my health plan. After Dr. Wozniak set me up a health plan I began to get treatment with her and her team. After 3 months of treatment we redid the scan and my score went from a 59 to a 74!! We are so excited with my growth! And when I say we, I mean Dr. Wozniak and I because she is truly invested in making her patients feel better!

– Natalie B.

I Feel 100% Relief

Dr. Woz is amazing! I was skeptical of chiropractic care at first because I’ve heard that you have to get sucked into going for the rest of your life. I was in so much back pain I needed to try something. The amount of relief that I felt even after the first week was unreal. Dr. Woz put a treatment plan together and after 16 visits I feel 100% relief. I now know how I can treat my back and hip pain on my own without having to come in every week. Dr. Woz is extremely professional and clearly cares for the wellness of her patients. She explains the treatment and care summary very clearly so you know exactly what is going on. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

– Hillary R.