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LoHi Chiropractic Reviews

I’m so excited that I decided to try chiropractic care

I have been experiencing pain for about two years and was sick and tired of doctors writing me pain medications. Dr. Woz and her team welcomed me with open arms, educated me and have me on track for long term success and I’m becoming symptom free. I’m 30 days into my care plan and can already feel an exponentially improvement to my health and back pain.

– Amanda L.

Simply the Greatest

Dr. Wozniak is simply the greatest. As someone that has been in constant, excruciating pain with daily headaches for 10 years not I can’t explain in words how much my quality of life has improved after only 30 days thanks to Dr. Wozniak. I have more energy and get to actually really enjoy all the physical activities Colorado has to offer. I’m excited to continue my journey to being 100% healthy, and am so thankful for ALL the help I get at LoHi Chiropractic.

– Anonymous

Very Excited About What’s to Come

Amazing first experience! I got a tour of the facility first thing, with a thorough explanation of what each room is about, and why. I was treated like I was extremely important to the staff and had everyones undivided attention. I’m very happy I’ve chosen LoHi Chiropractic, and I can’t wait to visit again next week to hear the next steps in my diagnosis.

– Amanda L.

I can Enjoy Yoga Again

I’ve struggled with my back pain for quite a few months and coming in for care has really shown me that pain isn’t normal and can be fixed. Since starting care I have improved my mobility. It doesn’t hurt to just sit or stand at my desk as much. I’m slowly on the road to being able to be fully engaged in yoga again

– Hayley M.

Increased my Overall Health

I came in to see Dr. Wozniak Jan, 2017. I was referred by a co-worker. I had some pain in my hip that started getting worse. I thought I had something minor but after getting exams from Dr. Wozniak’s office I was shocked of how bad I was. I found out my left leg was longer and it was causing many things that were negative to my health, my nerves were being pinched, spine was curving, bursitis in my hip, and numbness in my left shin and toe.

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Everything was a mess. If I didn’t feel the hip pain getting worse I may not have know just how bad it really was. Dr. Wozniak went into a complete detailed exam which gave me a very good plan to help correct all of the years of damage. After my treatment plan of adjustments, PT, and therapy, my results are like night and day from Jan. 2017 to today. The treatment plan doesn’t just treat the symptoms, it goes beyond that. I would recommend anyone to Dr Wozniak’s Office. Everyone here has been excellent from Dr. Michelle to all of her supporting team!

– Jamie J.

Pleasure To Be Around

I have never had this great of a chiropractic experience. I’ve been to many chiropractors in my day, but this place smokes em all! John, Kate, Dr Waz are knowledablge, friendly, timely, and such a pleasure to be around!!! Thanks so much for dealing with me more times in my first week than anyone should!!

– Josh C.

Nice Office and Staff

Such a nice office and staff. I really enjoyed my experience and look forward to continuing my care here. My back and neck feel better even after the first adjustment and I know they will continue to improve over the next few days and follow up sessions. I’ve already referred a friend!

– Laura M.