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LoHi Chiropractic Reviews

100% Better

I came into the office a month ago in severe pain and hunch-backed due to tightness and misalignment of my hips. A few days into the adjustments and therapies I felt improvement and now a month into them I feel 100% better. I have regained mobility and am almost pain Free.

– Corbin H.

Severe Upper Shoulder Pain

I came in to see Dr. Wozniak because I had severe pain in my upper shoulder area. After she received my x-rays and scans with me, I saw the problem was that my neck vertebrae was leaning to the left and causing nerve impingement’s on four nerves. At this discovery, I was immediately fearful that I did permanent damage and would have some sort of pain the rest of my life. I was quickly assured that I would be out of immediate pain within two weeks and can be back to normal and more on a preventative maintenance within only 6 months.

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I was so relieved! I have now seen Dr. Wozniak for 2 weeks and am feeling so much better. I am no longer constantly putting icy hot on or hot/cold packs on all day long and could move my neck freely again. I still have some pain, but compared to two weeks ago, it’s just a minor ache and I have no doubt I will be back to my normal self in a month or so. I am so thankful to have found such a comprehensive, thorough chiropractor. I have seen other chiropractors in the past and none of them took an x-ray or talked to me about the stem root of my problem and discussed the importance of being proactive and preventative, so I’m very thankful to have found Dr. Wozniak.

– Kimberly N.

Decreased Pain Significantly

I have had back pain my whole life and have visited many chiropractors to manage it. Dr. Woz was the first to diagnose my scoliosis and create a comprehensive treatment plan. My nearly weekly pain flare-ups have decreased to just one in two months and I am excited to see that it goes down to never.

– Emily L.

Thorough and Knowledgeable

Everyone was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. I’m hopeful that I will receive accurate information about the core problem of my pain and then hopefully receive the proper treatment to cure my pain.

– Kirsten S.

Visits Helped in Many Ways

As an athlete, physical wellness is super important to me. Those visits have helped me in so many great ways. But I believe the best thing is it has helped me do what I love, which is studying Ballet.

– Devon W.

Thanks LoHi Chiropractic!

I’m only 23 years old but had already been having back pain for 8 years. I always assumed it was just something I would have to deal with my whole life, but when it started impacting my job and hobbies I finally came into the chiropractor. Dr. Wozniak helped me pinpoint the actual structural problem I was having, designed a comprehensive treatment plan, and within a few weeks the pain was virtually non-existent.

– Mattie T.

I am no longer shouting “when is this over” pain

I came in with tension in my lower back and previous back spasms. Both have went away and back pain only comes when doing activity for long periods of time, however it is only tightness as expected. I am no longer shouting “when is this over” pain.

– Tunde A.