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LoHi Chiropractic Reviews

Dr. Woz Truly Cares

Pain is not something you should live with and finding someone who can address the problem and fix it should not be difficult. After taking x-rays and finding the main problem of my pain the whole team worked with me to get me to a point where I can sleep, work and exercise comfortably. Dr. Wozniak truly cares and does all she can to help. Thank You for relieving me of my pain!

-Kailyn B.

After three months of o

Kept Hope Alive

Ongoing right arm irritation, inflammation, and pain, I was starting to lose hope that I’d feel better. Especially because the pain was from work I do every day and I’m young in my career. Dr. Woz and her team kept hope alive for me during this time and made sure I was getting the care I needed. After working with Dr. Woz, I can happily say I am finally back to 100%! They treated more than just my symptoms and I am just so grateful and thankful for Dr. Woz’s Help

-Raquel O.

Unique Treatment

I’ve been to 3 other chiropractors up and down the front range and found that the treatment here is different (unique)than others, and has helped me heal quicker! I feel great. Thanks to everyone for being positive and motivational.

– Zach S.

No More Pain

My lower back hurt ALL THE TIME. There was never a day where there was no pain. It was a relief to learn what was causing the pain and with treatment at LoHi I hardly ever experience pain in my low back now, just if I don’t do treatment. Wow! What a game changer. I can exercise again! Zoe’s help with PT and really focusing on the correct muscle helped me rock it in barre class- Thanks Zoe!

– Kadie G.

Great Service

In 12 visits I have already seen improvement and feel good! The pain in my back is significantly better and I’m having much less pain when walking for work. :) The service was great! Friendly and helpful staff. My care was explained well.

– Courntey G.

I Thoroughly Enjoy Coming Here

I am more aware of my body and how everything ties in together. I have noticed a HUGE reduction in muscle tension and pain. I thoroughly enjoy coming here and am much improved by my visits.

– Melynda M.

My First Visit Took Away A Majority Of My Pain

After seeing my Primary Care Physician I was diagnosed with bursitis. The bills and heating pad was not working. I came to LoHi and they found no bursitis but I did have dislocated ribs and scoliosis. My first visit took away a majority of my pain. Each week I saw improvement. Now I have completed my first phase of treatment and I have no shoulder blade pain. I haven’t had my persistent headaches and even feel taller.

– Mike B.

I Am Thrilled With The Speed Of My Recovery

I came in with debilitating back pain that was keeping me from sitting, walking comfortably and doing most everyday functions. While I had never received chiropractic care before I was referred here by friends and gave it a try. I was impressed by the scans/tests they ran and the ease of treatment. 4 weeks of treatment and I am nearly back to normal. The back is nothing to mess with and I am thrilled with the speed of my recovery.

– Nicole H.

Couldn’t Be Happier

When I first started coming my sciatic pain down my right side was almost unbearable. I was constantly taking medications for the pain. As of right now, I very rarely have a flare-up and when I do it is thoroughly addressed and cared for immediately. Couldn’t be happier that I started coming to LoHi Chiropractic! Love these ladies!

– Caty V.